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Poems About: HEART

In this page, poems on / about “heart” are listed.

  • 349.

    read more »

    Francisco valentine
  • 350.
    You Broke My Heart

    You Broke My Heart

    You broke my heart I don’t know what to say,
    You broke my heart and now it is away, read more »

    DeannaMae Ritchie
  • 351.

    The heart is deaf that cannot hear
    The splashing of a tiny tear. read more »

    John Le Gay Brereton
  • 352.
    My Dying Heart

    I open the doors to a lonely heart,
    One of them fights against mine.
    His heart and mine actually clash,
    Reminding me of a love that died. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 353.

    A bleeding heart can not cry.
    A solid heart can not smile.
    A love-struck hear is blind.
    A blind heart is foolish. read more »

    Regan Meade
  • 354.
    heart of stone

    heart of stone is what you have
    no feelings feed your heart
    no emotions stir with in
    that thing you call a heart read more »

    graham russell
  • 355.
    This Aching Heart

    This aching heart shall ache no more
    For you, its ached too long
    I told you my feelings clean cut and raw
    And my pain you just prolong read more »

    Lucy Heart
  • 356.
    Beathing Heart

    You Lie on me, with your ear to my heart
    A heart beat that beats for you
    a heart beat that only you can hear
    a heart beat that says your name read more »

    Victor Gama Sabbithi
  • 357.
    Tears & Fire

    Blue is the tears in my eyes
    Red is the fire in my heart
    The fire will never die out
    The fire in my heart is what keeps me alive read more »

    crystal woods
  • 358.
    To You...Happy Valentine's Day!

    You are the brightest star
    In the sky, love
    You are the air that i breath
    And a sigh in my heart read more »

    Mercedes Zoller
  • 359.
    You Walked

    You walked into my life
    Stole my heart

    For years I had hidden it read more »

    Rich Young
  • 360.
    Complicated Heart

    My mind looks for him
    But my heart sought you
    My mind said I like him
    But my heart said I love you read more »

    Karen May Mamaril
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