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Song Lyrics - Poem by Daniel Cobb

When the stars come out, In the night,
In the dark, There's a light.
Angels sing; They tell the story.
They testify Of Your matchless glory.
Throughout the halls Of Heaven ring
Seraphim’s serenades That sing
About the birth Of the Newborn King
Immanuel! Who could tell

This little child Gave up everything?
Who knew what hope This babe would bring?
A star shone brightly In the darkness;
It had beauty Only our hearts could see.
Heaven's Gates Are made of crystal;
All its walls Of precious stones;
But there is a Greater treasure;
God with us, Calling us His own.

He came to save Us from our sin;
He died, So we could live again.
Giving hope to the helpless, Love to the lost,
Laying down his life, He paid the cost.
We were dead, all alone, Without hope, on our own,
Until He came along, And gave us a new song,
One that would not soon die, But kept going on strong.
God guards our hearts; He has all along.

He was sent To the broken-hearted,
To proclaim God's liberty;
We were once Slaves to ourselves;
Christ came To set us free.
Every knee will bow, And tongue confess,
That Jesus Christ is The Son of God;
He is our Righteousness!
Of His kingdom, There will be no end!

The eyes of the blind Have been opened;
The ears of the deaf Now can hear;
Because of what Great things happened;
So do not fear; The Lord is here.
I know the plans I have for you.
I will make your Heart and mind new.
Soon you shall know The hope you have.
I hear your prayers, And I always have.

All our hope Is in this Child;
All our dreams And wishes found here;
Say to those Who are heavy-hearted,
Perfect love Casts out all fear!
You are the witnesses I've chosen,
That you may know, And trust in me.
I AM God, And there is no other;
Be still and know That I AM HE.

Wind rushes past me - I don't know what to say;
My heart beats faster, but I don't know the way.
I woke up one night and walked out to cry;
I was a monster and deserved to die.
I'm still trying to figure it all out;
In my heart, I believe, but my mind's still full of doubt.
I'm searching for a way back to you,
But there's nothing I can do.

You said you have a plan for me;
I'm tempted to turn and surrender to anxiety.
Sometimes I still struggle and fall,
But you know my dreams Lord - You understand them all.
I have searched near and far, looking everywhere;
Most of us go through life without thought or care.
I thought this world was all I need, for what more could there be?
You showed me I was lost, but then you set me free!

I had no place to turn and could not cope;
I approached the cross, feeling your healing hope.
I saw my Savior hang there with nails driven through His hands;
He whispered, 'Child, I love You, though you don't understand.'
I looked at my Savior's face - saw love in its purest form,
With radiance of a newborn rainbow after a dark storm.
I could not meet his eyes with mine, turning the other way;
I'd gladly have given all I had to take his tears away.

For a moment, I forgot all of my self-righteousness;
'I never had to earn your love. You gave your best! '
For years I cried, 'I don't need God! ' I scoffed at the idea;
Now I knew it was true. You sent Your Son to die for me.
Lord, look at me. I have no hope at all.
Except that Jesus died for me, my twisted soul would surely fall.
I'll keep on praying every day - preach the message of the truth!
I have to learn to live by faith - what could be a greater proof?

He gave His life there on the cross;
Our gain His pain - our victory His loss.
The crowd grew tense - this was the king;
It made no sense. Why was He suffering?
His blood fell like sweat to the ground;
Angels appeared, helping as He cried in a bitter sound.
Soldiers stripped Him and slipped on a scarlet robe torn,
With a reed for a scepter and a crown made of thorns.

He came to die - that's the reason he was born.
The skies turned dark - the earth shook in that place.
He whispered, 'Forgive them…' They silently slew Him,
Then saw the peaceful expression on His face.
Demons dined, but there was silence in heaven;
Angels held their breaths - they couldn't act then.
God turned His face from His beloved Son;
He couldn't look at the sin He'd become.

I spent my whole life trying to become
A living testimony of what Christ had done.
I was worried they didn't know
Of the blood shed to make them white as snow.
I've prayed for their future salvation;
How often I've wished I could do more.
It breaks my heart at their casual rejection
Of the love, joy, and peace their hearts hunger for.

Angels rejoiced when I found faith,
But the devil cried out, 'Don't let him get away! '
I felt Your presence calling me to come;
I'm just a worthless sinner who stepped into Your kingdom!
Then I entered His throne room, ushered into His presence,
With a joy that could never be replaced.
Death, tears, and sorrow dethroned from their kingdom,
All my sin was consumed by God's grace.

I'm so confused and frustrated - I don't deserve to live;
I’ll abide in the love and grace you freely give.
How can I trust You when I'm so full of pride inside?
It's hard for a rich man to serve you on the side!
So give me a new heart - take control of me;
Only your truth has the power to set me free.
Every day I live for me, I drift far away from you;
You love me anyway. Your mercy's always new.

Why’d you have to go and rescue me?
I was in love with this world and perfectly happy!
Then you showed me I was stranded, lost at sea;
Waves of tears and sorrow taught me humility.
I had no idols, except myself - my wicked heart's desires;
Satan sings sweet melodies, but I found out he's just a liar.
I had no power to free myself from sinking in the mire,
As temptation drew me closer to the fire.

Temporary treasures of this world might be FREE,
But lately, I've been more concerned about eternity.
I want to show the world what you have done for me.
I was trapped in my transgression, but your truth set me free.
I thought I could hold the future in my hand.
I knew you had a plan for me. I just didn't understand.
I came closer to you when I put evil away;
Life is too short to waste my time, so I'll trust you and obey.

How long until there is a new Heaven and Earth?
I've heard I had a sinful nature ever since birth!
You brought me back to life - I don't know how,
But I'm living in the light of Your truth now.
Waking up each morning, life goes so fast;
I wonder how long your mercy will last.
And for more strength, to God I pray
To make it through another day.

Like a modern-day knight,
You must fight the good fight.
If it feels like you're falling,
Rise up to a higher calling.
Leaving the life you knew behind,
Your greatest weapon is your mind.
You must make the right decision
To break free from this prison.

To stand up tall, becoming more,
Going where no man's gone before;
To test your skill and face your fear,
To break your will - that's why you're here.
Then you won't have to prove
That you've got what it takes,
Because you're a SOLDIER,
No room for misstakes.

The path you've chosen to pursue,
What few men have the courage to do.
After you've faced yourself, it's true,
No one will be there to stop you.
Use your heart - use your mind;
Find the strength in your soul.
Until you are b r o k e n,
You'll never be whole.

Find the strength within
To stand up again.
If not, then you'll never know
Just how far you can go.
If you look deep {inside},
You'll see the enemy is pride.
So face your destiny;
Be all that you can be.

I will do whatever it takes;
I won't repeat the same mistakes.
The whole world seems to be trying
To kill my dreams and keep me crying.
I’m haunted by these troubled thoughts
Of lost dreams I once sought,
Fearing what the future might bring;
It could be anything.

If this is what life requires,
Then let me know and feel
That the dreams my heart desires
Will someday become real.
Each time you dream and then you wake;
And you can't tell what's real or fake.
You dream of what once could have been,
But this is now and that was then.

The hope forgotten in the flame,
A nightmare you could never name;
A hidden cry lies deep within
For the nightmare to end and the dream to begin.
Things that mean so much to us now,
Close your eyes and I’ll show you how
Deep down in your heart, you're searching for
A sacred sanctuary that is safe and secure.

There's a place you thought you'd never find,
The perfect paradise you left behind.
The war you wondered whether you would win;
The journey you thought you could never begin.
Troubled tears fall and fertilize this barren land;
Flowers grow like wildfire, blooming in desert sand.
Then showers of sunlight shine on your skin,
And hope comes alive inside of you again.

No false idol can stand before Your throne.
Something in my heart is dead - lifeless like a stone.
Over time, my heart has turned into stone; 0
I went through this life afraid and alone.0
Something isn't right with my soul;
I proudly pretend to be in complete control.
There are times when I feel this emptiness,
And I find myself falling into the darkness.

I don't know how it got so hard,
But then your love caught me off guard.
I hear You whisper, calling out my name;
I try to remember just why I came.
I wake up every morning and forget You care;
I hear You whisper my name - sit on my bed and stare.
In my mind, my memories are fixed like stained glass;
I want to follow You, but I keep living in the past.

Lost in this dance I call my life,
A ray of hope splits the sky like a knife.
I've stopped worrying about my past;
Maybe I found what I was looking for at last.
What secrets am I hiding in the shadows of sin?
Help me learn to love you with my whole heart again!
Your love is like the wind, wiping my tears away;
It's a love set in motion - not just words that You say.

There was so much I wanted to say;
You already knew before I began to pray.
Then I fall on my knees, looking above;
I find true joy at the thought of Your love.
I heard the beat of wings hurrying in their flight; 2
The soft, but steady wisp of angels in the night.2
Warriors surrounded me and we gathered in prayer;
Each of us felt His presence. We each knew He was there.

There are many things I could do today;
The best thing I can do is pray.
You alone are worthy of praise;
I will worship you all of my days.
So love your neighbor as yourself;
Don't keep the Bible on your shelf!
In everything you do,
Let it come alive in you!

Maybe I can't sing like an angel,
But at least I know God's saving grace.
I don't shine like the stars in heaven,
But someday I'll see my Savior's face.
Every moment that I look back in time,
Seems like I've slipped oh so far behind.
I'll try to remember it's not about me;
I want to prove that I love you for the whole world to see.

Heal me,
Cuz I’m fallin apart.
So show me the real me;
Fix my broken heart.
It amazes me how great you are,
I may never see that far;
But I can't be all I can be,
Unless You are living in me.

The stars of heaven bow down before you;
The angels up above adore you.
For all You've done, I don't deserve You.
I will lay down my life before You.
There's nothing like Your presence Lord,
Nobody else I know.
There's no one like my Savior,
My God who loves me so.

Walking down the beach one night,
Hearing the thunder crash;
I watched it shoot across the sky
With one ferocious blast.
In my anger, in my pain,
I dove into the sea.
It seemed as if the whole world was
Crashing down on top of me.

A hand reached out and grabbed me as
I struggled to survive;
And when I saw His face,
I knew my Savior was alive.
I gave my life to Christ that night.
Jesus set me free
By the power of the blood
He shed at Calvary.

He gave me hope and happiness,
Peace I'd never known;
T'was paradise when set beside
The world I'd called my own.
He whispered, 'If you love Me,
Then obey My commands.'
But then I turned my face;
It seemed so hard to understand.

I looked back at the others
Stranded on the beach;
They seemed so far-away,
Distant - out of reach.
Staring into their faces,
I saw tears they'd never cried;
Then I was convinced;
They needed Jesus in their lives.

I forget too easily
All you have done for me.
I fall down on my knees;
I've had enough of me.
I prepare my heart to seek;
I'm so downcast I can't speak.
Another tear slips down my cheek;
Lord, you're so strong, but I'm so weak.

When the whole world around You
Is lost in sin,
Will You send forth Your light?
Will You give hope to them?
When darkness surrounds You,
Fear reigns as King!
Souls are being tortured;
Why is this happening?

Without You, it's hopeless;
I try my best, but it’s never enough.
Without You, I can't live;
I can't win this fight. I'm just not that tough.
You put the song inside of my heart;
You turn my tears into laughter.
You change my darkness into light;
I'll dance before You forever after.

Your love overwhelms me;
Your truth overtakes me;
Your peace passes understanding,
When this world is too demanding.
Your love is like an ocean;
Your peace is like the sea.
Your promise can't be broken;
It's true tranquility.

I wish the universe were at peace, instead of falling into pieces!
I wish my mind were at ease, but it's not. I can't handle this!

The UNIVERSE is BLOWING UP right now;
I don't know why;
I don't know how,
Can’t stand it anymore.

I have to make a decision;
None one can stop the collision.
This universe is unstable;
My faith isn't just a fable.

Whenever we’re far ap a r t - you’re with me in my heart,
And for all eternity… eternity… eternity…

'WaRpEd WoRlD'
Who has never left me on my own,
Even though I was all alone?
→ ME stuck in the middle!

True love STANDing out,
Not afraid to YELL or SHOUT.
That's what this is all about?
Wisdom nobody lives without?

Burning bright, brilliantly blazing,
It's so awesome - amazing!
The only thing living
That can endure and survive in…

Invisible fight,
Images of bright light,
Shadows spinning at night,
Endless flight - so hold on tight!

I've become hard-hearted;
Pride has already started
To render me useless to you…
Now there's nothing I can do.
If you still think that I'm a saint,
You'll see the outside is just gold paint.
I'm too concerned about temporary things,
In love with the world and the power it brings.

Sure, I'm a Christian. That was one of my names;
Or I guess you could say one of my games.
Don't get me wrong - I went to church,
But I didn't repent of sins, you see.
I didn't watch out for the days in-between;
A hypocrite - do you see what I mean?
I heard every word our dear pastor said,
Thinking I was alive, but my cold heart was dead!

I can't see You,
But I know that You can hear me.
I feel Your presence;
I know that You're near me.
Words can only say so much;
Sometimes we need a healing touch.
You're the only one who cares
Enough to answer all our prayers.

You don't owe me any answers,
Don't have to explain
The reason for all my problems
Or for my pain.
I could never say in writing
Just how much I love You.
Every day, I will keep fighting,
Try to stay true.

When my world died,
I kept it inside.
I don't know what to do;
So I will wait for you
To come and rescue me
From this web I'm wrapped in,
From this world I'm trapped in,
Cuz I don't want to be…

Deep down in my heart,
One thing I know;
You'll be with me
Wherever I go.
Deep down in my soul,
It's so plain to see;
Wherever I go
You'll be with me.

When I held her hand, I could understand
This was all part of God's perfect plan.
You and me were meant to be
United together in harmony - until we die…

My mind rejoiced when she made her choice.
I looked into her eyes and suddenly realized,
In each other's embrace for eternity,
It was plain to see we were free.

My heart raced when I saw her face;
I was far away, lost in outer space.
Never fighting, we prayed each night - it couldn't be better,
In our lives, because Christ was the center.

Through the test of time, our covenant stood;
We forgave each other and did the best we could.
Divorce was never mentioned;
The Lord's will was our intention.

Fill me with desire,
And set my heart on fire.
I want to get to know you more;
Take me deeper than I've ever been before.

I've spent all my days in anxiety
About the perfect plan you have for me,
About a future I can't understand or see;
And I long to be free.

Even though I don't shine like a star,
You love me as I am, because that's who you are.
I don't know how You can put up with me;
I'm trying to fix what's left, you see.

Doesn't matter what I have to go through;
I don't care - I just want to be with You.
Please give me the wisdom not to worry;
It's in your hands. I don't have to hurry.

The clouds are clear;
Now I'm getting nearer.
Love strikes like lightning,
So forceful it's frightening.

I won't hold back any longer;
I surrender, but I'm getting stronger.
Refusing to stay silent,
My prayers are getting more violent.

I was searching for the answers;
They were right in front of my face.
I know You chose me for some reason,
By Your mercy and grace.

All we can do is pray
That love will find a way.
If I have faith and do not doubt,
The things I ask for will come about.

Once a long time ago,
I almost gave my hope away.
There was nothing I could say;
I fell down on my knees and prayed.

When I say I love You,
What does that mean?
There's nothing like Your presence, Lord;
I need You more than the air that I breathe!

Jesus, I'm calling on Your name;
Oh Lord, I'm so glad that You came.
I ask You now to save me from my sin;
I'll be ready when you come back again.

You're the only One I can turn to,
The only One who can make me whole,
When there's anything wrong with my heart,
When there's something wrong with my soul.

Maybe this is a big mistake,
But that's a chance I'll have to take.
We've got to take some action;
I won't sit back and watch this happen.

My time is short, but I can't abort
This mission I've been sent on.
My eyes are tired - no time to cry;
Every moment someone dies.

I'll make a wish I've never made before;
If it comes true, I won't ask for anything more.
You took a piece of dirt and made it into a man;
Turn my heart into a diamond - I know You can.

I'm a speck on a sphere of land, water, and atmosphere;
My life slips away, but I won't shed a tear,
Because of the treasure I've found.
One day my heart will stop - I'll hit the ground.

Our eyes were closed - our heads were bowed;
We whispered the words and vowed
To love each other in this brief life;
We were pronounced man and wife.

Life has been great - life has been good.
We lived our lives the best we could.
We've made some mistakes in the past,
But tried to save the best for last.

We went on with such speed,
Thinking life was guaranteed.
Though the proud may set the pace,
Slow and steady wins the race.

Maybe we weren't the perfect pair;
We never learned to love or fight fair.
It's been a year since you passed away
On our wedding day…

If your heart is true,
Find the strength inside of you.
You can try to escape, but you'll find,
You can't hide inside your mind.

You'll find you can be stronger,
Though your journey will be longer.
Now I will warn you just once more;
Stop the hate - stop the war.

For those of you
Who need just one more clue,
Heed what I say,
We must all change our way.

Which one is stronger,
Which one lasts longer?
The power of love
Or love of power?

What do you see
When you look inside of me?
Is my heart true? Is it pure?
Can you tell me? I'm not sure!

Do you love me? Do you care?
I can't see you, but I know you're there.
Though the world may fall apart,
You're with me in my heart.

Trouble comes, but I'm ok;
I'll keep on fighting every day.
Only You can help me win
This war that's within.

I don't know where I'm going;
I don't know where I am;
But if I just trust in Jesus,
I'll get there in the end.

I wait to hear your voice;
I want to be with you.
I have to make a choice,
But it's so hard to do.

I try to do Your will,
But find myself a sinner still.
I'm too hard on myself - too tough;
Nothing I do is ever good enough.

I start to feel like I'm not strong,
And I still don't know what went wrong,
But now I know where I belong;
You were with me all along.

I've fallen every now and then;
I've been through hell and back again.
Your mercy is new each morning, it's true;
Never ending, not depending on what I do.

I'd rather be dead
Than living for a lie instead.
History is a mystery;
I want to be more than a memory.

Maybe I'm going crazy;
I've lost my mind,
But deep down inside of me,
Your hope I find.

It only takes a single tear
To turn your faith into fear.
The tears I cry won't last;
All my pain's in the past.

I don't know why I can't see
Or why my heart won't heal,
But I know You’re with me
And that Your love is real.

I try so hard to be cool,
But end up acting like a fool.
Sometimes I wish I could change my style,
And be someone else for a little while.

This is right where I need to be;
I’m sorry, but I can’t help being me.
So no more hiding from myself,
And trying to be somebody else.

I need to learn how to live again,
And now is the best time to start.
I was born in a battle;
It's tearing me apart.

I tried so hard to do what's right,
But in the end, I lost the fight.
I can't undo all the things I've done;
I can't trust anyone.

When I woke up this morning,
I felt too tired to stand up on my feet,
But then You sang a song to me,
And the words were so sweet.

There's no point in crying,
As long as You're near me;
No sense in denying,
I need true humility.

I'm nothing without You;
I would be incomplete.
I desperately need You;
So I fall at Your feet.

My mind races - my heart faces
The truth…
These emotions I feel are real;
In my heart, I cry out to You.

Dazzling diamonds,
Shimmering stars…
The devil distracts me;
Heaven seems so far.

Now I see why
However hard I try,
I can't make my heart new;
I left heaven when I left you.

I'm afraid to face the future,
Perplexed about my past,
So I hope in Your love;
It will always last.

In a moment, I could be
Facing eternity!
Without You,
Where would I be?

One shot
That's all you've got.
Living life
On the edge of a knife.

What would you do
If your world was falling apart?
What would you do
If lightning struck your broken heart?

Go cry it out!
Go call it out!
Go shout it out!
What it all about?

You'll never know
Until you go!
Dream your dream - dance your dance.
Make a wish - take a chance.

I've spent my life
Wandering day to day,
I sigh in silence
As time slips away.

You are the key
To my dreams,
Or so it seems
To me.

You can have all of me;
Look in my heart and see.
Lord, I will follow
You wherever you go.

People hear and see
Whatever they want to;
What appears to be
False may be true.

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