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Windbag - Poem by Justin Reamer

What is it that makes me so difficult is it my temper my stubbornness my inability to give empathy people tell me I am difficult to live with but I tell them that this is not so I am a good person if anything and they know this to be true I have many friends who support me people who will back me up I trust them and they trust me that is what counts but why do people hate me that is what I don’t understand I mean maybe I can be short-tempered and a little bit selfish but aren’t we all I mean Cain was selfish and envious so he killed his little brother Abel because of it and Adam and Eve did not listen to God so they were punished too humans are imperfect it would only make sense that I am imperfect too right I think so but I am not sure but why do people hate me that I do not understand maybe it is because I wear glasses so people think I am nerdy maybe it is because I am silent so people find it hard to talk to me maybe it is my apathy because I do not care about a lot of things maybe it is something else something I do not know and have to search for within my heart but what on Earth would that thing be for that I do not know what could I possibly have that people hate that would make people hate me do you know what that is do you know what it feels like do you know why people could hate me do you have a reason you could tell me do you think you could give me a good idea because I don’t know and I am trying to figure it out I don’t know if you have any ideas but if you could tell me that would be great because I have no idea myself oh God I wish I knew I wish I knew why people hated me so much if only I could figure that out then I could stop the persecution and help people understand how I feel I guess it will be hard but I know I can make friends I just need to find the reason and then I can bring the hatred to an end we will all be happy everyone will be including me we will see what happens and I will be free

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