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Poems About: HATE

In this page, poems on / about “hate” are listed.

  • 337.
    What do we do to stop hate?

    light is light,
    dark is dark,
    day is day,
    night is night, read more »

    Bowen Butt
  • 338.
    I Hate that I love you (remix)

    I hate the way you can look at me
    and I get lost in your gaze.
    I hate the way you can see past
    my looks and see who I really am. read more »

    Kelsea Osterman
  • 339.
    I Hate Loving You

    I hate the way you made me cry
    I hate that amzing sparckle in your eyes
    I hate that you told me you loved me
    Complete lie... read more »

    Anna Edwards
  • 340.
    A world of HATE

    A world of HATE is what this is.
    When you say you HATE someone
    That's not what you really mean
    You're talking about something else read more »

    Golden Heart
  • 341.
    Icy crystal days

    Icy crystal days

    With a pen in my hand
    I am writing in darkness read more »

    Nassy Fesharaki
  • 342.
    Hate Me...

    Hate me for I’m weak
    Can’t save myself, but other’s I try
    Words of light to them I do speak
    Thinking of me, I have no right to cry read more »

    Katherine Sessor
  • 343.
    things i hate

    i hate my life
    if you were me you know why
    i hate people who pretend they care
    if you don't care leave me alone read more »

    mona martinez
  • 344.
    No One Knows

    No one knows I cut
    Except my 'friends'
    who found out on there own
    If it was up to me read more »

    Lizzie Resendiz
  • 345.
    I Hate You

    I hate the way you look at me
    I hate how your always right
    I hate the way you see me
    Mostly in the best of light. read more »

    Peyton Webb
  • 346.
    10 Things I hate about YOU

    ~this is inspired by the movie.. its not as good though~

    I hate this feeling that's bothering me now
    I hate to feel this pain but its here somehow read more »

    broken soul.. No more
  • 347.
    Silent Suicide

    i hate the sun
    i hate the sky
    i hate your laughter
    i hate your smiles read more »

    Jasmine Appelhaus
  • 348.
    Hated Love

    read more »

    stukevius shoto
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