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A Rose's Felling - Poem by Nick Garrett

When I look in your eyes
I can see your pain, your sorrow, and most of all
I can see the joy that you have when you're
Around your friends.
When I see you smile that's
when I see how happy
you are when you're with your friends,
and when you're talking to me
I can see how happy you are.
Your smile is like the sun, your smile
Brightens up my day.
When I hear your laugh
I can see how happy you
are and your laugh makes me happy
to see you happy.
When you're with people you like
you're also happy.
But when you're sad I wonder how
I can take the sadness away
Because it hurts me to see you sad.
That's why I say those thing I said to you.
It's so I can see you happy again.

Chorus: I wonder what it would be like to see you smile every day?
I would love to see you smile because it reminds me of the first time
I met you I hope you always smile.

Chorus: I know girl that this may seem crazy but I Love you.
But I don't know how to tell you.
and I don't know how to show you how much I Love you, but I hope someday that we could try to date
but I understand if you don't want
to, so I need you to know that you can make my heart whole again there's this feeling I can't
explain, but I know now the reason why I have this feeling.
It's because I'm in Love this girl
that I met andno one can ever
change my mind because I will always have this feeling for this girl I met no matter what happens to me.

You know you're in
Love because you have this tingling feeling and you can't explain why it's because you're in
Love that's what happened to me I know this is true that I Love you, yes girl,
I Love you I can't explain why, but I Love you, yes
I Love you, there's a reason why. All you have to do is ask and I will tell you.
My heart has been broken in two and
I know deep inside my heart that you're
the one who can fix my broken heart.

BY: Nick Garrett

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