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Poems About: HAIR

In this page, poems on / about “hair” are listed.

  • 349.

    As I wake from the sleep within,
    I hear the soft voice,
    I smell the perfume,
    I see the beautiful long Black silky hair longing to be tainted with the gift of touch, read more »

    joshua coleman
  • 350.
    Sun In Your Eyes

    You're skin so soft, it shimmers,
    In this sun, your eyes
    Glow, vibrant, everlasting.
    Your smile, wide, bright. read more »

    Mark Ruiz
  • 351.
    I Dream of Horses II

    When I lay down to sleep
    Visions of running horses,
    In my slumber so deep,
    Gallop through my mind read more »

    Ivy Schex
  • 352.
    The One Who Renews Creation Every Day - Prayer Reflection

    You renew creation every day
    But every morning
    I notice
    A new gray hair read more »

    Lewis Eron
  • 353.
    Hurting my mind

    You would think we are just friends
    but your hands keep touching mine
    when will this confusion stop
    while we still smile those fake expressions read more »

    Sydne Morris
  • 354.

    WHERE in flat time,
    where marbles turn
    to gold, and vampires
    fill their canteens read more »

  • 355.
    Dr's Waiting Room

    Silver grey hair
    wrinkles like hiways on a map
    a floral pattern on her dress
    must have been made in 1932 read more »

    Joe Howell
  • 356.
    Sweet Mountain Air

    As we hiked up into the sweet mountain air
    the sunlight brought life to the deep dark forest
    and glistened as the breeze blew through your hair read more »

    Paul the Lion
  • 357.

    she has long dark hair
    and when she speaks
    her hair covers her eyes
    and you clear them read more »

    Eila Mahima Jaipaul
  • 358.
    My Long Blond Hair

    My long blond hair
    Is covering my shame
    In the game of shadows read more »

    Genius in a Gstring <3
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