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Mo Cailin Alainn Rua(My Beautiful Red Haired Girl) /Red River/Wearing Her Hair - Sequence - Poem by Dónall Dempsey

(My Beautiful Red Haired Girl)

Your hair
taken by the wind

into flame

a fiery red

standing on
the edge

of this

a world

turned to stone

as if your gaze
froze this landscape

into place.

I too
still as stone

your hair
flaring up into the air

fiery snakes
like thoughts

bursting out of your mind
fighting the sunset

that only
a small box camera

& contains

this photo
cutting off your head

from the rest of you


mo cailin alainn rua

mo cailin alainn rua.



Your hair
trickles down your back

in curls...curls
curl after curl

rivers of ringlets
cascading down your spine.

I want to drown
in the waters of your hair.

You wear a waterfall
over each shoulder

The fiery flames
of your tresses

crashing over thigh & hip & buttock!

My hands
like fishes

swimming all over
your body

splashed with the beauty
of your hair

touching & touching

the sheer


***** **


You stand
before me

dressed only
in the dress

that your hair
weaves about you


you wear
your hair

as a magical

from a half remembered half forgotten fairytale.

You undress
throwing your hair over each shoulder

I come to you as if a spell
commanded me to & you

wrap me
in your hair.

Both our

wearing your hair
sheltered here

lost amongst

A fellow poet(well, it wasn't a fella) divulged that she too was red of the hair(this had been unknown to me) and so this homage to redheads came into being just on this wisp of information...the memories and images flood back into being.

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  • Rookie - 3 Points Original Unknown Girl (7/25/2008 6:41:00 AM)

    Donall, this poem is beautiful. The imagery astounding, in my mind's eye can see a red-haired woman stood atop a mountain with hair flowing. Oob I just saw there were two more I didn't read. What a wonderful trilogy of titian tresses! HG: -) xx (Report) Reply

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