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Poems About: GUITAR

In this page, poems on / about “guitar” are listed.

  • 361.
    Purpose of the seed

    read more »

    Hamid Arzesh
  • 362.
    Les Paul (In Memorial) 1915-2009

    This looks like just another ho-hum year but wait,
    6/9/15 has produced a talent, unparalleled & great,
    How come? Many births this month and year so far,
    Delivered today was the father of the electric guitar. read more »

    Luke Easter
  • 363.
    RIP Richard Onaga

    We grew up learning guitar Rich Onaga
    You from the east side of Detroit I was from Hamtramck
    We were taught at the Americana School of Music and Dance
    Which was founded by Frank Tucci and his wife read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
  • 364.
    Piano vs. Guitar

    i sat down at the piano bench for 10 whole years
    i never stood up and moved away because of my fears
    that i had been wasting my time and i wouldnt express myself
    i couldnt rewrite erase scratch out replace what i had been taught read more »

    Maxwell Ames
  • 365.
    Bitter Sweet

    (Dedicated to the unknown singer)

    Your voice becomes the sound
    A bitter sweet one, read more »

    Marieta Maglas
  • 366.
    Me and My Guitar

    Me and My Guitar

    we are as one, the sum of the two wholes,
    sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're sad, read more »

    Gomer LePoet
  • 367.
    Look at us...

    These signs of silence,
    Are the reasons of urn absence.....
    Yearning for your embrace,
    And feel your sweet grace, read more »

    Neha Aradhye
  • 368.
    Streams of Desire


    This, like so many of the others, is so much more effective, if one can hear the music as well. The ethereal start, with breaks between stanzas for melodic development, gradually build into a crescendo of acoustic guitars, and then...............
    The chorus, 'No amount of rain', begins the 'NO AMOUNT OF VOLUME'. is enough for the rocking finish. read more »

    Albert Ralph
  • 369.
    The Ballad

    Amble down the empty dark lane.
    Dark was the night oh_ I swain.

    Guitar on my back I forte sing. read more »

    arjun kishtwaria
  • 370.
    My other Life

    Some say I am a different man
    when I leave this job for home
    Different than when I’m here
    in this place of glass and stone read more »

    Rusty (Ed) Gibson
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