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Poems About: GUITAR

In this page, poems on / about “guitar” are listed.

  • 229.
    the music comes and goes

    by: Tripp read more »

    preston trip
  • 230.
    Musical You

    Your the song I want to sing
    Even if the notes in you are unreachable
    Still your musical words are attracting
    With emotions that is inexplicable read more »

    Lorena Lalen Cruz
  • 231.
    Paper Plains

    Where are you now
    somehow my dreams are real
    and in the world of logic
    stats and mathematics read more »

    Elvis Lantan
  • 232.
    Allegra's Guitar

    Allegra strummed her guitar softly
    Each chord gently rolls off her fingers
    Sweet no-thingness blissed thy ears
    La musica drifted lightly ever more read more »

    Hope Hills
  • 233.
    Lost in the Dark

    We'll find a place to go
    Far off the beaten track where
    Nobody knows
    You'll take your old guitar read more »

    R. L. Allen
  • 234.
    The unknown rockstar

    He sits in the park
    Singing to his own tune
    Strumming his guitar to his own chords read more »

    Storm Pedersen
  • 235.
    Sunny Boy

    Sunny Boy
    Play that guitar
    It'll all be clear
    In the morning read more »

    Steven Webster
  • 236.

    The cactus and the aloe bloom
    Beneath the window of your room;
    Your window where, at evenfall,
    Beneath the twilight's first pale star,
    You linger, tall and spiritual,
    And hearken my guitar. read more »

    Madison Julius Cawein
  • 237.

    well I meant to write you letters
    One for each and all my days
    But what's the use in writing letters
    When you cannot turn a phrase read more »

    rawden lewis
  • 238.
    Band of Brothers

    Wires laying across the floor, one trips as they walk in to the room
    And laughter is never a question
    Two pick up their guitars to strum the strings
    One sits to strike on the drums read more »

    Devan Marie Edwards
  • 239.
    the guitar

    The device is used to make music,
    Yet it may also be used to relieve something gastric.
    It makes a sound somewhat hollow,
    That's removes feelings of sorrow. read more »

    kuzo freak
  • 240.
    Where I'm from

    Where I'm From…

    I'm from the smell of guitars
    The smell of new strings and cases read more »

    Kimmy Eve
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