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The Gorgeous Guitar! - Poem by Denis Martindale

One day, I walked along the High Street
And as I was passing by a music shop,
I stepped backwards and stared at it...
There it was in the window, a lonesome guitar, calling to me...

Buy me! That's all it said... and so I entered the shop,
I passed over my shiny new credit card and bought that guitar.
It wasn't the most impressive guitar at all,
I'm not saying that, but it became a very close friend...
I learnt a few ways to play it and got good at it.

I wrote songs thanks to my guitar,
Took time to get those words and notes just right.
Smiled when I was proud of something spanking new.
I felt like I was on a roll, destined for higher things,
As if fame and fortune awaited in the wings...

This continued for a few months, till one sunny day...
I don't know whether to be happy or sad or both at the same time.
One day, I walked along the High Street
And I was passing by another music shop,
I stepped backwards and stared at it...
There it was in the window, a gorgeous guitar, calling to me...

I'm too good for the likes of you!

What! ? How darest thou say that to ME!
I'm flipping brilliant now!
I'm writing songs by the score...
I'm a great guitar player!
What cheek you've got! Said I...

But then I bit my lip at the sight of it...
The gorgeous guitar!
Damn, I wanted it bad, so bad!
Whoa! Look at the price tag! Oh-oh...
But I still wanted it, wanted it... oh so bad...

So I bought it!

I got it home as soon as I could and even cleaned it.
It didn't need it, but I did, I just had to clean it...
It shone so much. Both silver and gold and with pink trim, too.
I raised the strap over my shoulder and suddenly...
My first guitar caught my eye!

How could you! ? It asked, literally fuming...
I've been faithful since forever! It told me...
But look, look how flipping gorgeous it is! Said I...
It's silver and it's gold and with pink trim, too...
Hey, I'll play it and be honest, tell me if you love it, too...
This could be awesome!


But I had to play my gorgeous guitar, I just had to...
So I played one of my fav compositions and man,
That sure sounded sweet, so heavenly...

But my first guitar stayed silent... It never spoke to me again...

Denis Martindale, copyright January 2016.

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