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  • 361.
    Giving In

    Softly first I hear you calling
    Building with intensity
    Try to keep myself from falling
    Taking everything from me

    Smother you with all my hatred
    Taking all the breath you breathe
    Itching like an ugly scab
    Begging me to rip and bleed

    Can’t you leave me to peace? No one deserves this grief.
    Why do you rip my heart from my chest? Please just leave my soul to rest.

    You promise comfort and solace
    Selling heartache and pain
    Your gold is for fools
    No profit to gain

    A serpent in sheep’s clothing
    Tempts with water in deserts heat
    Strip me from all I’m holding
    Beat me till all I feel is defeat

    Can’t you see I need this peace? I want no part of this grief.
    I’ll hold my heart, two hands on my chest. Please just leave my soul to rest.

    You took my friend in your cold hand
    I want him to come back to me
    Your grip is tight, he sinks in sand
    I continue to call out to thee

    'You can’t continue on this way'
    I try to warn him of the danger
    He says it is the last day
    My concern turning quick to anger

    Can’t you leave us both to peace? We don’t deserve all this grief.
    Leave our hearts within our chests. Why can’t you lay our souls to rest?

    Take the pill you dumb a**hole
    Say it is the only way
    Take the ticket, pay the toll
    Stop trying to save dignity

    Told me that you found a balance
    Gone and f***ed it up again
    See you teeter on the edge
    A demon is your only friend

    Maybe you don’t want this peace. Maybe you enjoy the grief.
    Was there ever a heart in your chest? To late now to take the test.

    My throat is raw screaming in your ear
    Is anything getting in?
    I cannot save you from yourself
    A devil in your skin

    Tried to help you through it all
    To help you see things clearer
    Wasted breath, on a weathered wall
    But the wall is just a mirror…

    The wall is just a mirror… read more »

  • 362.
    The Itching Stays

    Conceiving of love as an ocean of felicity, I sprang to bathe in it;
    Then looking back, I felt sorrows getting about to wind around me.
    I wonder whoever has created this clear-watered lake of love!
    My heart’s pretty shaking: here roam the insects of grief forever. read more »

  • 363.
    The Bell Rings

    The bell rings through its own shadow.
    Death knoll. Death knoll.
    Reverberates and simulates the grief of eternity. read more »

  • 364.


    Your grief, as anger on your skin, tattooed
    with hornet stings, I’ve scraped red raw again. read more »

  • 365.
    Hole in my Heart

    There's a place in me where it's void,
    Nothing occupies this space.
    This place is reserved for one thing i can't find.
    That thing I can't find is love. read more »

  • 366.
    Licia Sonnets 37

    I speak, fair Licia, what my torments be,
    But then my speech too partial do I find;
    For hardly words can with those thoughts agree,
    Those thoughts that swarm in such a troubled mind. read more »

  • 367.
    Living Dead

    Yield this heart of mine
    To the one, who seeds in me a smile
    I’m over done with grief
    I have rid many waves, to stand here and live read more »

  • 368.
    We Share Your Tears (for aka Logan)

    as the sun goes down on your anger
    you seem to forget painfully read more »

  • 369.
    I Mourn 17/03/09

    I mourn in the morning
    And the mourning continues till evening
    Still till night
    Even a hearty smile has hidden grief read more »

  • 370.
    stained soul-mates

    Two love birds sitting in their new home
    Reminiscing their life as Mr. and Mrs.
    Their rings shine with colorful ink:
    Happiness, love, and grief read more »

  • 371.
    The Best of the Best

    Smiles and laughs
    Grief and tears
    Sticking together through the years
    Sad movies read more »

  • 372.
    To My Father

    Father when you were
    With me
    & your eyes were
    Bright, read more »

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