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Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.

  • 337.

    Trains take you to the empty spaces

    Where orange fires raged the other day read more »

    Jagannath rao Adukuri
  • 338.
    I Went For A Walk

    I went for a walk on the lake-side path today
    And so disappointed am I for to say
    That the lake is covered in blue green algae from end to end
    To Nature few humans have been a good friend. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 339.
    This Is How All Sunny Days Should Be

    Green grass grows fast, green grass
    I want you to grow so fast
    So I can leap up, from the ground
    And pretend to fly, soar so high read more »

    Ana Ónimo
  • 340.
    Why Do He Waste His Time

    He say there's beauty in South Gippsland's coast
    And as beautiful as anywhere he boast
    And with his views I most certainly agree
    So why do he waste his time convincing me? . read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 341.
    Colour Blind

    The silver light of moon has passed
    Though shaking I am still,
    Anger boils in side my blood
    To think you’re at her will read more »

    Rebecca Jayne May
  • 342.
    Forever My Love

    The green earth waits beneath a whitened wing,
    haunted by memories of budding Spring,
    when love loosed its verdure and gathered ground
    in groves of splendor by the river's sound. read more »

    Linda Marie Van Tassell
  • 343.
    The Dying Rose

    Once so beautiful, freshly cut, a single rose stands
    encompassed by succulent green leaves and proud standing thorns

    petite white gypsum surrounds this expression of love read more »

    Ruth warren
  • 344.
    Medea and I were in love

    I woke up and the world
    was just the same
    The trees are green
    but the trees were always green read more »

    Lindsay Crosby
  • 345.
    My Plant is in a Cage

    Some of my friends say,
    I have green fingers.
    I just plant the seed and pray,
    and watch, as time lingers. read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 346.
    The Life of a Flower

    As the snow melts with upmost intensity

    Out of the white field under the blues sky a green spot rises read more »

    Kevin Woo
  • 347.
    I Will Take You Home To Millstreet

    I will take you home to Millstreet when the may is in her bloom
    And the green meads cloked with wildflowers scent of nature's sweet perfume
    And the dark winged barn swallows white unders and throat rust brown
    Wheel above the lush green pastures bordering Millstreet's country town. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 348.
    Oh I Must Go Home To Millstreet

    The singing birds of Millstreet are calling, calling me
    In my dreams I hear them whistling far beyond the deep wide sea
    The green, green wood by Clara hill is always on my mind
    On the day that I left Millstreet I left my heart behind. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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