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Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.

  • 13.
    The Greens Of These Trees These Leaves


    The greens of these trees these leaves
    The many shades of green- read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 14.

    Green is the colour of the mangroves at my holiday batch
    Green is the feeling of happiness
    Green is the colour of the tall oak trees
    Green is the sound of crickets buzzing in the summer season read more »

    Bianca N/A
  • 15.
    How Green

    How green is your valley
    How lush is your path to your garden of love
    Is it overshadowed by the cross of persecution read more »

    Gary Revel
  • 16.
    Leaf read more »

    Geovanni Leaño
  • 17.
    Those Green Eyes

    which seemed full of life,
    so beautiful, so gorgeous, that no one could stop to like,
    those green eyes,
    which couldn’t see me cry, read more »

    Asra Parvez
  • 18.
    Green: The Color... [Green Things]

    My favorite colors are green and brown.
    Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town.
    Green’s the color of farm pond scum,
    and green’s the color of green tea gum. read more »

    Bri Edwards
  • 19.
    I Love The Color Green

    I Love the Color Green

    this beautiful color read more »

    sherif monem
  • 20.

    Green, that was the color she liked
    Green, that was the color of life
    Green, that was the sign to unite
    Green, that was the sign for earth right read more »

    ChiehTing Yeh
  • 21.
    The Land Is Green

    The land is green
    It is just green
    Do not see any other colour
    That will make you not to cultivate read more »

  • 22.

    got green eyes
    as green as grass
    on mama's lawn read more »

  • 23.
    Green Things

    I know of a lot of Green things
    Green things are Everywhere
    As people we enjoy Green Things
    Green Things should be cared for read more »

    Jimi Warren
  • 24.
    New For Old

    Bud blisters into life
    Stretching for the light
    Unfolding radiant green
    Upturned palm to the sun read more »

    Adrian Wait
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