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Economic Storm Clouds - Poem by Bob Gotti

Darkness in the country looms, as others see economic booms,
Prospering far above our pace, as this country slips from grace.
Many hearts gripped with fears, as an economic darkness nears,
Indifferent to a growing trend, of what may be this county’s end.

But, knowing something’s wrong, in a land thought to be strong,
Prices go up, as our morals slide, facts which cannot be denied.
Fear along with anxiety grows, as seeds of greed a nation sows,
Not concerned where it will lead, unleashing a tide of utter greed.

What they sow, we must reap, and now that climb is awful steep,
As the cost of living far exceeds, man’s ability to care for needs,
Forget that thought of prosperity, a dream most of us won’t see,
As we head for that slippery slope, most will find it hard to cope,

For as a nation we pushed aside, the Truth in which we did abide.
Now with God’s Grace far behind, many men are spiritually blind,
Forgetting all our former days, as God received a nation’s praise,
When building the nation on integrity, across the land, sea to sea.

Now the nation begins to quake, as The Lord God, many forsake,
As the storms begins to rumble, our foundation starts to crumble,
Brought on from greed and lust, another foundation turns to dust,
As a land many now call home, becomes in history another Rome.

(Copyright ©06/2008)

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