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Reasons To Discuss - Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Oh yes...
You can bet the effects today,
Being revealed you feel ubelievable...
Are so real not to leave anyone guessing.
And even though you may confess,
What is real upsets...
Whether this you admit or not,
Is not going to be stopped or blocked...
To allow debated for something more appealing.
The only thing you and anyone of us can do,
Is to accept, move on and live.

'I've had it.'

Where are you going,
With that chip on your shoulder?

'With others to protest,
What we are facing but did not expect.'

May I suggest one thing?

And hurry up I'm in a rush.'

Think of the reasons to discuss,
Why 'today' you are so disgusted.
And be sure to share between all of you,
New excuses never heard before.
Or your purpose will be ignored.
Since opportunities to overcome your fate,
You chose to waste to chase delusions.
And those delusions to eliminate...
Should not have taken decades.

'No one is going to agree to listen,
OR comprehend what that means.'

Good luck attempting to convince,
While all this stuff was happening...
You and the others decided to pretend,
The doing was done not to intend.
But as a benefit to feed more greed,
As an incentive.

'Can you write that down? '


'Your suggestion about,
Us being entitled with benefits to feed more greed.'

I did not suggest that as reasons to discuss.

'I know.
But being entitled with benefits to feed more greed,
Would leave it for the people to believe...
Our protesting isn't done,
Without knowing something about being selfish.
And left totally unconscious about it.'

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