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Poems About: GREED

In this page, poems on / about “greed” are listed.

  • 109.
    In Me

    In me
    A raging tiger sweeps the floor
    Bloodshot eyes on the fragile door
    To freedom, carnage & freedom again read more »

    Kishore Asthana
  • 110.

    Hooks in our psyche floating free
    Waiting for our greed to grab them
    Fishing for fools in the consumer pool
    That's the job of the Ad-Men read more »

    Kishore Asthana
  • 111.
    This is stupid,

    This is stupid,
    Stupid is anything that conspires agains't man's beauty,
    I see stupid in anything called folly and illiterally ignorant behaviours,
    My attitude is so not hot, read more »

    Abdul Karim
  • 112.


    life blooms read more »

    Rajkumar Mukherjee
  • 113.
    The Transitional Blight

    Do you feel a crisis nowadays
    yes, the one I didn't in my age
    and at once comes the reply
    resources have all gone dry read more »

    prashant shaurya
  • 114.
    Senryu - A few

    Anger hath long life
    Coming back time and again
    Just to inflict pain read more »

    Sandra Martyres
  • 115.
    serve-by cauchy3

    Peace is not served by lips.
    Greed to plays at finger tips.
    Care is not served by lips. read more »

    cheung shun sang
  • 116.
    there is always this

    greed, that sometimes
    rationalizes itself that it
    does not exist, and yet
    when you sleep at night read more »

  • 117.

    A thermometer,
    Her glass shell packed with,
    Material mercury,
    And blank noble sentiment. read more »

    Zhijian Jiang
  • 118.
    The People In The Trees

    You can hear them cackling
    In the woods; and in the trees
    with mouths full of dirt and weed
    and hearts full of lust and greed read more »

    Justin Moffitt
  • 119.
    Reverse Direction

    Is it wonderful?
    Circle the all, into
    Life breaths death
    Moans, screaming all through read more »

    Emily Beck
  • 120.
    Citizens Of The Wasteland

    children of hate,
    children of greed,
    fight and struggle,
    enslaved by greed. read more »

    Eric Cockrell
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