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Worth The Pain - Poem by Trish Spencer

We were best friends from the start
It's been ten or eleven years.
Who would of ever thought
I'd cry so many tears?

The laughter through High School
Always kept me going.
The love between the two of us
Never stopped growing.

Graduation came
And we went our separate ways.
Two years later, we met again...
Oh my, what a day!

I fell for him so hard
That I couldn't find myself.
Lost in so many emotions
I didn't know what I felt.

It was great for a while
Then I started to back away.
I took him for granted
Our relationship began to decay.

After trials of tears and fighting
He decided it would be best,
If we went our separate ways
And put our love to the test.

We tried again to work things out
But it simply didn't work.
And now my pain and selfishness
Continues to stay and lurk.

What if I'd been more open
And cared a little more?
Would he still love me enough
To not walk out the door?

My regret is that I let
Our friendship slip away.
But if I had the chance again,
I'd let him love me anyway.

For if in time we're friends again,
The pain will slowly go.
And the road we took to get us there,
We will surely know...

That it was worth to be loved
And needed at the time,
Because some people go through life
And love they never find.

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