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Sarah Or Barack? - Poem by Luke Easter

It took a little while before we knew about him,
And not because of his crossover in the local gym,
She was a mayor of a town nine thousand strong,
Two years living in a mansion it didn’t take as long.

A no nonsense graduate of prestigious Harvard Law,
Community service, state senator, you mean that’s all?
On the other hand, overnight sensation, shinning star,
In the political arena this one’s predicted to go very far.

So, exactly what is the difference between these two?
One dons a suit the other a dress yet both wear shoes,
Is this the reason one will win and the other will lose?
A billion dollars spent surely this isn’t why we’ll choose.

The answer lies on the surface it’s not hidden underneath,
Maybe it’s how fast they do or do not move with their feet,
This couldn’t be the reason or can we really be that dumb?
Why are more Americans singing the praises of only one?

Well, which one is that if you’re from Jupiter you might ask?
Does either of them have a particularly stellar experienced past?
Involvement in a big city with more than special interest needs?
Or, the biggest state as wildlife roams freely to graze and breed?

Issues are many, opinions already vary, whose wrong who’s right?
Both agree in defense of this great nation if there’s a need we fight,
Different areas but, it’s the same twenty-four hours day and night,
That for the year of our Lord in 2008 the answer is Black vs. White?

No way, it’s impossible, can’t be, I’m talking about these United States,
Is it or is it not a unified diversity a main reason this country is so great?
How could such a mighty nation become the strongest resting with hate?
Won’t a house divided against itself eventually suffer a destructive fate?

Let us not forget our other two candidates, show respect for John and Joe,
Realization is they’re not garnering votes for what they do or do not know,
In a horse race the winner claims first place who cares about place or show?
All candidates have one thing in common; forward they want America to go.

Approximately seven weeks before the polls open and it is time to elect,
It’s not just president but many will have state and local offices to select,
It’s best to vote for the people qualified instead the most popular for sure,
Because anything that happens afterward… Remember the choice is yours.

He’s seeking the highest office, for now she’ll accept second in command,
Hey! Wait a minute. It might not be about color simply woman versus man,
Since time is forever inching forward and never in reverse moves the clock,
It’s either Republican or Democrat, the chicken or the egg, Sarah or Barack.

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