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L.I.F.E. (Living In Fundamental Excellence) - Poem by Luke Easter

Do we plan an avenue of escape or formulate a plan to get out?
Are you sincerely confessing the blessings from your mouth?
Is there a strong desire to Live In Fundamental Excellence?
What is being used as a down payment for our recompense?

Luke 2: 52, “Jesus increased in wisdom, stature and favor, ”
Like the lingering taste of filet mignon we must always savor,
The promised word of God no matter how gloomy it looks,
Response isn’t based on what’s seen but scripture of the book.

Many people are afraid to be like Peter coming out of the boat,
Thoughts are focused on drowning instead of bursting with hope,
You will never be able to walk across the stage and then graduate,
When steps are not sure footed because fear makes them hesitate.

We can’t smell any kind victory while believing God might be late,
Failure is measured in small thinking, as the size of success is great,
It’s the difference between a hamburger and an all you can eat buffet,
Those not running with the big dogs better get the heck out of the way.

Exactly what type of L.I.F.E. is most sought after to follow or live?
One that’s always seeking a helping hand or one that’s able to give?
Can you see clearly at midnight with no moon and dark colored lens?
Is taking the bus more appealing than driving a new Mercedes Benz?

Why do so many people let others determine their happiness and/or grief?
Would you let a dentist do your taxes and have an accountant pull teeth?
How about calling an electrician to trim the hedges then cut the grass?
A landscaper rewires your house. Yeah, think that fire will burn fast?

The very first poem, “1 Awesome God” talks about a bottomless “bit, ”
In Webster’s it means, “two alternatives” it was Satan who chose the pit,
1st Kings,18: 21, “how long between two opinions” which do you choose?
Only difference between fighting and quitting, the latter will surely loose.

Fundamental means being an essential part, a foundation, basic, primary,
You can’t live a long full life being intimidated, terrified, fearful or scary,
Residing in excellence signifies great merit, efficiency, expecting the best,
These are mandatory, essential qualities, for entering God Almighty’s rest.

Pay close attention to the following saying it over and over as you listen,
Absolutely no one can ever make you inferior without your permission,
What’s the easiest way to wake up one day realizing you’ve been a fool?
Allow an unrighteous person or group to mentor and take you to school.

Yes! There’s always another direction as we decide to walk or to run,
Light has forever come from two sources, both the moon and the sun,
God maybe Baal, blessings or curses, life & death, wrong verses right,
Sounds to me like the choice belongs to us so why not choose L.I.F.E.?

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