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  • 337.
    This Is How It Is

    Is this where you will choose
    To take me home and make love to me?
    On this spot of sidewalk so many
    Lovers have used to walk to class read more »

  • 338.
    Where Has The Time Gone? !

    When you're born it's a miracle your there and everyone's happy
    'She's beautiful, I'm so happy, Congrats! 'is what they say.
    You're innocent and an Angel to all eyes.
    As you grow and get older and read more »

  • 339.

    You said it and I agree with it and it shall come to pass and it shall be
    That soon and very soon my dream love will be with me

    So Lord keep me from fornication read more »

  • 340.

    Much of it,
    We do not solicit.
    A lot of it comes and shocks. read more »

  • 341.

    O Lord I thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
    All praise and honor to your matchless name
    You who have ever remained the same read more »

  • 342.
    God's Armor

    Lord I thank you for your word that is true
    Your word that is right

    A lamp for my feet read more »

  • 343.
    To Take Or To Die

    I am a senior student in an university, I am gonna graduate this summer, but as the pain in the neck, I got no job in the bag, So I am a little sad and get losing my confidence. It is harsh, but I have to make a leaving by take the job I dont even like.There seems no atternative, is there?

    Drowning in the swamp of self-accusation,
    It is doomed. read more »

  • 344.
    Acsending Angels

    Anointed for the crusade of umbilical reasoning
    For the milk of mothering yields within nurturing
    Open eyed upon premiere days of virginal dawning
    Absorbance of energetic and unselfish lightning read more »

  • 345.
    F.S.P...Accross The Street From The Flat Top

    I am sure
    he is guilty of crimes against
    why would he of been excepted read more »

  • 346.
    biography ***** STOLEN BIOGRAPHY

    ...i write and sit / pushing slowly the pen /
    i am a nobody's nothing / but make you think...
    Excerpt from Marchan's anthology PEN PUSHER titled poem. The author is considered as the promising 21st century poet, he writes with special power of sensory impressions refined with finest imagery that they are carried vividly into the reader's mind. He has thought and tone, perhaps a series of changing mood and style pushing conclusions into a twist end.
    He is like a photographer, makes pictures of people, places and awesome sceneries by using pen and words read more »

  • 347.
    Virginia is no Place for Virgins

    At William and Mary College will have a seminar,
    Which will feature sex workers both near and afar,
    It is a sort of ‘job career’ type of function I guess,
    it’s not for prudish snobs, read more »

  • 348.
    Let's Consider This

    Shallow is their insight and with it is that existence.
    And some are accused of having less patience with them.
    While displaying less tolerance for their ignorance...
    But should express more acceptance of it! read more »

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  69. Where does the time go, Teasia Ruffin
  70. Graduate At Last, Enebeli Prada
  71. My Sister, Kelly Edmunds
  72. WORKING CLASS - ZINDABAD, santhana louis
  73. Go to See the World, Cathy Shao
  74. Like Airplanes Up In The Sky, Robert Rorabeck
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