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  • 25.
    God Knows Best

    Our Father knows what's best for us,
    So why should we complain
    We always want the sunshine,
    But He knows there must be rain

    We love the sound of laughter
    And the merriment of cheer,
    But our hearts would lose their tenderness
    If we never shed a tear...

    Our Father tests us often
    With suffering and with sorrow,
    He tests us, not to punish us,
    But to help us meet tomorrow...

    For growing trees are strengthened
    When they withstand the storm,
    And the sharp cut of a chisel
    Gives the marble grace and form...

    God never hurts us needlessly,
    And He never wastes our pain
    For every loss He send to us
    Is followed by rich gain...

    And when we count the blessings
    That God has so freely sent,
    We will find no cause for murmuring
    And no time to lament...

    For our Father loves His children,
    And to Him all things are plain,
    So He never sends us pleasure
    When the soul's deep need is pain...

    So whenever we are troubled,
    And when everything goes wrong,
    It is just God working in us
    To make our spirit strong. read more »

  • 26.

    I like that ancient Saxon phrase, which calls
    The burial-ground God's-Acre! It is just;
    It consecrates each grave within its walls,
    And breathes a benison o'er the sleeping dust. read more »

  • 27.
    Manufactured Gods

    THEY put up big wooden gods.
    Then they burned the big wooden gods
    And put up brass gods and read more »

  • 28.
    God's Wheel

    God says to me with a kind of smile,
    'Hey how would you like to be God awhile
    And steer the world?'
    'Okay,' says I, 'I'll give it a try. read more »

  • 29.

    Thou who pervadest all the worlds below,
    Yet sitst above,
    Master of all who work and rule and know,
    Servant of Love! read more »

  • 30.
    God's First Secret

    Do you know
    What God told me the other day?
    I am telling you
    In top secrecy. read more »

  • 31.
    God And The World

    The world and God:
    How to harmonise?
    Difficult? No.
    No wide surprise. read more »

  • 32.
    The Living God

    He who is in you and outside you,
    Who works through all hands,
    Who walks on all feet, read more »

  • 33.
    Quest For God

    O'ver hill and dale and mountain range,
    In temple, church, and mosque,
    In Vedas, Bible, Al Koran
    I had searched for Thee in vain. read more »

  • 34.
    What God Knew

    when he knew nothing. A leaf
    looks like this, doesn't it? No one
    to ask. So came the invention read more »

  • 35.
    God Went to Beauty School

    He went there to learn how
    to give a good perm
    and ended up just crazy read more »

  • 36.
    Who Is God? So Asked Our Dog

    How many seasons are there?
    Where was God born?
    How many stars? read more »

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