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Ugly, Sad, Unhappy Girl - Poem by Lillian Manning

Feeling so hated. And so very unloved. Loneliness consuming what once was a girl. Who now glares at the world. Envy in her eyes and sadness in her heart she looks in the mirror. Taunted by others that her reflection will break it everyday feeling more ugly yet she still throws a smile on her face to fake it. She pretends like it doesnt affect her but with no one to talk to, nothing to distract her from the horrible voices telling her she's nothing she starts to break down to pieces and almost cries but someone enters the once empty room and she holds it together. Laughing and joking like everyone else. But when she goes to school and hears the whispers and laughs as she walks on by she puts her head down covering her eyes and the girl who once saw beauty in her own face now hides from cameras as though she's trying to hide from existence. So a once happy girl before even the age of seven feels like she'll never make it to the heavens and before she's even nine she attempts suicide. Crying herself to sleep wishing to die being called Satan's child if she tries to fight back. And she so desperately wishes that they wouldn't attack but they keep on, not knowing the terrible pain it brings or maybe they do and that's why they laugh when she starts crying. And she leaves little clues here and there that on the inside she is dieing but everyone sees her happy smile and disregard what's her hurt. Now this little girl is twelve and everything is still happening. Only one knows her pain but doesnt help. And now this girl responds to the names and the tauntings with I know and yes you're right. Because she agrees. And she has such low self esteem and starves herself trying to look like all the toothpicks in those teen magazines.

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    I like it......but ugly outside is better than ugly inside... (Report) Reply

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