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Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 37.
    Pretty girl

    Pretty girl they know her name
    Precious girl they cannot blame
    Pretty girl shines so bright
    Precious girl she's always right read more »

    Bree Jam
  • 38.
    Pretty Girl

    Pretty girl, in her beautiful dreams
    Hatred girl, her world full of screams
    Lonely girl, wanting to fit in
    Fake girl, with a plastic grin read more »

    Grace Angelia
  • 39.
    Who am I?

    Sad girl, who cries at night

    Desperate girl, who sees no light read more »

    Kachan Esposito
  • 40.
    she is

    shes the girl hiding her depresstion
    shes the girl hidding in the dark
    shes the girl with the blood running down her wrist
    shes the girl waning to be dead read more »

    miranda sarlund
  • 41.

    Bad girl,
    Chav girl,
    Night in a doorway type girl,
    Chemical bright lipstick girl, read more »

    Casual Diamond
  • 42.
    My Girl

    Oh, this girl whom I have,
    The girl who fills my heart,
    The girl who keeps me smiling,
    The girl who picks me up when I am down, read more »

    Momo Momo
  • 43.
    I Want a Girl

    I want a girl
    a girl who is there
    a girl who can care
    a girl that will love read more »

    Micah Peters
  • 44.
    Truthful Girl

    Truthful girl, holding the pen…
    Saddened girl, alone again
    Frightened girl, without a name
    Angry girl, No friends no more read more »

    You... don't... want me...
  • 45.
    i am

    i`m the girl that stands tall
    im the girl that never had it all
    im the girl no one sees
    im the girl others want to be read more »

    Ashlie Bouie
  • 46.
    A girl

    there are many different girls
    around the world
    they all have different senarioes
    but people may say there very old read more »

    robert edwards
  • 47.

    I want a girl who can make my life shine
    A girl that I'll be proud to call mine
    A girl that I can empty my heart out too
    A girl that can make my life seem like new read more »

    Claude Davis III
  • 48.
    A Girl Like Me

    A girl like me will make your world better
    A girl like me will make you happy
    A girl like me will make you smile everyday. read more »

    Kimberly Santistevan
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