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In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.

  • 337.
    Let A Girl

    Think and judge herself
    Where she is
    How she is
    What she is. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 338.
    The Girl with everything in heart

    There’s a girl that was everything in heart but nothing in hands
    A girl with hopes and dreams but doesn’t know how to get there
    I see a girl with sadness in her eyes but seems to be happy
    A girl that is alone because her one and only family member just passed away a week ago read more »

    Autumn Rose Wilson
  • 339.
    Little Girl Of Rags

    Little girl all dressed in rags,
    I see your face, it's oh so sad.
    Little girl with tears streaming down,
    You can't obscure that stubborn frown. read more »

    Jenna LeAnn
  • 340.
    Those Types Of Girls

    Do you want me to be like every other girl in the world?
    The girls who wear hardly anything at all
    What do you see me as?
    Why do you want me to be like those type of girls? read more »

    Heather Hill
  • 341.
    Ghazal (3)

    Hidden inside me lives this - delicate girl
    Strange aspects, strange passions she has, this girl.
    I an tell you why my hands bleed so
    Bare hands chiselled her from stone, this girl. read more »

    Ishrat Afreen
  • 342.
    The Hurt Little Girl

    As she lays there she wonders who she is then she realizes it's a hurt
    little girl who cries at night inside she's screaming at the little girl maybe
    it's because the little girl is only four years old listening to her father
    scream she can't take it the little girl won't stop crying she wont stop read more »

    charity howard
  • 343.
    Sleepy Time Girl (Song) :

    Sleepy time girl.She never gets her rest.
    Sleepy time girl.She never does her best.
    At anything! read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 344.
    The It Girl

    The It Girl-
    Someone who's stuck up and rude,
    Someone who doesn't care about anyone but themselves,
    Someone who is spoiled and gets anything, read more »

    Jessica Beal
  • 345.
    The Girl With A Tattoo

    The girl with a tattoo
    Was cool and witty
    She was fun, she was hot
    She was so pretty read more »

    Unnati Xs...
  • 346.
    Just A Girl

    I'm just a girl, a hopeless case.
    Living in the world a familier place.

    I'm just a girl, with tears in her eyes. read more »

    Ruth warren
  • 347.
    Perfect Guy

    Every girl looks for the perfect guy
    lucky me I found a prefect guy
    but the thing is he is perfect for another girl
    I found his qualities simple read more »

    faith toney
  • 348.
    For A Girl

    For a girl who would always say the truth I promise I will never lie...
    For a girl who would trust me completely I promise I will never cheat on her...
    For a girl who accepts me as the way I am I promise I will hold on her forever...
    For a girl who would treat my parents as her own I promise I will respect her parents too... read more »

    krishna kumar
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