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Untouched Feelings - Poem by Akilleas Sideous

Boy= I love you
Girl= I love you too
Boy= but unfortunately I have to bid you a due
Girl= but why
Boy= because our love is only knee high if we live to love one another than our love should be like no other
Girl= but it is like no other you will die for me and fight the sea just to see me
Boy= yes I will but what will you do will you die if I die or will you stand with me or will I stand alone and prone to be outgrown
Girl= I don’t know but I love you though
Boy= I love you twice enough to die once and come back and die again for you but what will you do
Girl=? ? ?
Boy= silence is what I hear from you, you are my dear I keep you near I give my heart to you for a start what do you give nothing but these soggy tears I give my soul to you to mold what do you give I ask of you what do you give
Girl= I try to be there for you I try to love you like you love me can’t you see I love thee
Boy= this is what you say if I may will you allow me passage into your mind to see what I can find or will you shut me out without a doubt
Girl= I don’t know what to say I give you the time of day
Boy = is that all you have to say I give you the time of day I give my life to protect you twice I will take my heart and rip it apart if it will allow you a heart
Girl= I have a heart we have a heart I share it with you don’t I boo
Boy= you call me boo when I see you but though the phone I hear your heart grown I hear your mind moan do I cause your body this pain am I the one to be slain
Girl= what do you want me to say I sead I love you all day is that not enough what do I deserve from you for you to treat me so rough
Boy= you are rite what do you deserve I love you more than life the thought of you will always suffice and I love you twice keep my heart we will never be far apart but this is the end of what could have been

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