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In this page, poems on / about “future” are listed.

  • 109.
    A Time Machine Mind!

    Human mind, dreams, vision and imagination
    Can transport one forward and backward in time.

    Mind is the time machine to go to past and future read more »

  • 110.

    How fast time flies
    Year gone in an instant
    One may blink into the future
    But can one blink into the past read more »

  • 111.

    read more »

  • 112.
    You Can Have the Future

    You Can Have the Future
    by Alex Lewis

    The present is malicious. read more »

  • 113.

    Where is the love, the one that helps us all live together in peace and harmony,
    there are people dying, others are being killed, there is war everywhere,
    we see our future generation getting hurt by all of this, what are we doing to help them know that the world doesn't have to revolve around voilence?
    Because our world today isn't doing a thing to give them the brigther future we are hoping for. read more »

  • 114.
    Path of thorns

    Walking through the future branches
    I know not about the sharp excrescence on its plants
    Not knowing about the various thorny shrubs
    Makes me wonder how painful the thorny future buzz read more »

  • 115.
    In My Coffee Cup

    Drink your coffee, drink your tea, Either one is fine with me
    I can read the future, spend some time with me
    I can read the future, for a fee
    Come see the future with me read more »

  • 116.
    He Endures

    The progenitors are the past of the future,
    but coming and going the children come after them,
    and what comes after trails
    and what trails is behind. read more »

  • 117.
    Can We See The Future Today? [Part 2]

    Numerology has been used to peep into the future
    since the days of Pythagoras in the B.C era
    This is done by adding the numerical digits
    of our birthdates until it forms a single digit read more »

  • 118.
    In a future day

    In a future day everything will be stoped.
    Storm-broken branches of Nut trees, Blackberry tree's branches;
    The letter written on the green leaf of beautiful forest …
    Everything will be lost. read more »

  • 119.

    Time past and the future give way to this present picture,
    But can somebody tell me how to recognize that gate that leads to the bed of roses,
    We speak about the future like the past is a grain of sand on the shore,
    Washed away by the ocean tide, read more »

  • 120.

    By: Jo E

    Laying in my bed, think but then my mind keeps running toward the future read more »

New Future Poems

  1. I love loving you sweet Sweetie, Nyota Yasulwe
  2. Prediction, Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  3. I can't stand a life without you., Chaun Allen
  4. Burn My Shadow (unkle hybrid), Christopher Duntsch
  5. The Mermaid Predictions, The Future Of S.., mary douglas
  6. Forgotten Future, Michael McParland
  7. Time, Victor Cruickshank
  8. Its Time, Marin Jooste
  9. When Future is Gone, Adewale Ajakanri
  10. my past, ademola oluwabusayo
  12. The Future Unheralded, Israel Dammy Ipaye
  13. A million voices from the stars, Awasum Terrence
  14. Models Of Future Generations, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  15. Future, Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  16. Future, Adewale Ajakanri
  17. My children my future, gajanan mishra
  18. Children're Our Future, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  19. Hoping for the future, Rebekah Hedquist
  20. Our Dialogue, gajanan mishra
  21. A Strange and Revealing Dream, Andy Caldwell
  22. Past Present Future, Gary Dodd
  23. Waiting to meet my future husband, Umasree Raghunath
  24. Past, Present, Future, Javier Granda
  25. A New Day Of Life, Himanshu Mishra
  26. Accidental Salvation, Brandon Beck
  27. The Future!, Olaleye Azeem Oladipupo
  28. Enticing Tomorrow's Existence, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  29. To the Past, Andrew D. Miller
  30. He Endures, Simpa omoluabi
  31. NEW YEAR 2014, hariharans sundaram
  32. The Change, keshav chauhan
  33. Poetry Of The Future, ROCHISH MON
  34. Father Of Nature, Gideon Arthur
  35. Limerick: Once A Future King Heir Apparent, T (no first name) Wignesan
  36. Blink, tyler eisner
  37. Never Look Down On My Future, Adewale Ajakanri
  38. Future life, gajanan mishra
  39. My Goal, My Future, Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  40. Fallen Future, Andrew Tom
  41. The future, Meadow Poeticfada
  42. Future, Kumi William Dubois Yaw Sakyi
  43. intention and goal, Dr.Balnarayana Bandam
  44. Back to the Future, Edwina Reizer
  45. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, ele dam
  46. Our Future, Sylvia Chidi
  47. The Future Is Coloured, Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  48. In a future day, Tapas Karmaker
  49. Future, Sulaymon Tadese Faozahny
  50. Let Go, Brandon Shutter
  51. Day by day., Unforgiven Secrets
  52. My Future Dreams, Hamsa Elfarash
  53. Of Poetry, David Wood
  54. Future Tense, Emily Dawn
  55. It's Your Pretty Choice, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  56. Villanelle: The Poietics of Being, T (no first name) Wignesan
  57. A Joke Researcher, Nyein Way
  58. Haiku Rotten Apples Fall, Jonathan ROBIN
  59. My Scrawny Corpulent Republic, Olumodi John Tope
  61. I Am Africa, Makabongwe Nkambule
  62. Between dark past and future flight, Jonathan ROBIN
  63. My Rights Go Hand In Hand with My Respon.., Young Church
  64. No Destiny But You, Kate D.
  65. THE UNKNOWN FUTURE, Godspower Jite
  66. Inspiration, chibuzor ossai
  67. The Red past and the Green future, Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known ..
  68. Go on doing actions, gajanan mishra
  70. What is Hope?, Andrew Hamm
  71. Leave Behind The Humdrum, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  72. Breathe, CeCe Fons
  73. The Living Of The Earth, Ismael Mansoor
  74. Future, ajay srivastava
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