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Poems About: FUNNY

In this page, poems on / about “funny” are listed.

  • 37.
    How To Make You Funny?

    How to make you funny?
    And you are always funny,
    You hide it and
    It is still funny, read more »

    Atef Ayadi
  • 38.
    Its Funny...

    Its Funny...
    When im happy I have a bad day

    Its Funnny, read more »

    MeganOlivia Maxwell
  • 39.
    Wish it is Funny

    funny thing, i can still feel the touch of the scattered petals, white roses with red ones
    funny thing, i can still hear the coo of the turle doves freed, flying high
    funny thing, i can still see the golden sun slowly sinks under wide ocean
    funny thing, i can still taste the sweet yet semi dry wine, passionately aromatic read more »

    Shelomith Noarbe
  • 40.

    people who say funny things are called funny
    we all laugh when you did that
    like me when i slipped and fell in honey
    funnier then me in a weird hat read more »

    james johnson
  • 41.
    Some Thoughts

    It's funny how you can say I love you a thousand times
    But you can never say I hate you once

    It's funny how you cry out these tears read more »

    kiran raza
  • 42.

    It's funny how you said you loved me, then you left me for someone else.
    It's funny how you would talk to me as often as possible, and now you completely ignore me. read more »

    Tabatta Nunes
  • 43.
    Consideration (Thought)

    Its funny how people always tend to trip over there own feet.
    Its funny how they can run into a sign, while walking down a street.
    Its funny how putting mentos in your friends cola makes it foam.
    Its funny how on Halloween you can go and T.P. someone's home. read more »

    Poet of the River
  • 44.
    I am funny...

    Yeah I am funny,
    When I laugh, when I cry,
    In my dreams, when I scream,
    Yeah that's me, I am funny. read more »

    Jatin Tanwer
  • 45.

    People are funny that way read more »

    Wade Greenway
  • 46.

    My love had no value
    I failed to accept it. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 47.
    Perfect Match

    We’re a funny breed, you and I
    You’re happy to walk, and I like to fly
    A funny breed you and I
    When we’re not smiling, we cry read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 48.
    My Funny Man

    Love makes many lose temper
    Others get hurt
    Some even cry and forget about their existence
    Unlike my funny man read more »

    Josephine Chifundo Likoya
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