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A Young Lady - Poem by Andre Leal

Sometimes we want to express our feelings and emotion without regret, not everything we say comes out the right way. I know one thing for a fact there will be no regret in what I'm about to write today. I have known you all your life been there for the good and the bad times. Heard with cautious your secrets and fears seen you grow into a young lady all these years. I remember just as I do today how you fill a room with love and tenderness, I remember just like yesterday your little feet never stopped stepping. How funny and somewhat sad that you have turned into a young lady so damn fast. Time doesn’t stop for anyone it wont delay a minute or second of any day. We get older as time goes by our children turn into people as we into their past; no more playing with dolls or video games. No more bottles of milk and making you burp. No more chocolate ice cream all over your face, no more making funny faces in the mirror when we bathed.

I know how proud we are of you today; that is why we are here to celebrate. There comes a time in a young girl’s life when she begins to grow and find what she really wants, we all have done the same before; sometimes we find what we have lost. Growing up is hard to do but you can count on me regardless of what comes thru. There is no manual script for growing up, no fine prints not even a sign; but one thing you can always count on is your family will always have your back.

I’m very proud to be your dad and your confidant; I only hope I served you well and showed you what an father can do; Remember that wherever your paths may lead my heart will go with you. Your path depends on bravery to push aside the fear regardless of what others may say to your ear, regardless of deceptions and lies, regardless of how many fights you have to fight. Today a lovely young lady who we adore begins to mature, that is why this poem comes within my soul. I still see in you that baby girl who I carry with these two arms, who said I was so tall, who believe I was the strongest man alive, who found comfort when afraid; today I am the one who is afraid. You will always be my little princess in everyway so don’t be sad, today your journey begins and I’m here no matter what.

Here is my only advise; LOVE

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