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Poems About: FUNERAL

In this page, poems on / about “funeral” are listed.

  • 25.

    even good news isn’t shared
    relatives meet at funerals read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 26.
    Funeral Train

    Funeral Train

    Waiting around,
    for a funeral train in Chester, read more »

    Judd David
  • 27.
    I had a thought on your funeral...

    Eighty years of life
    on this Earth
    Was it worth?
    I had a thought on your funeral. read more »

    Anshul Gupta
  • 28.
    Life and Death

    Life and Death
    by Alex Lewis

    Life was born when Death died read more »

    Alex Lewis
  • 29.
    *Funeral Song*

    You told me the song to play at your funeral
    As if I can think that far ahead
    I haven't even held your hand
    or kissed your face read more »

    Alien Girl
  • 30.
    Such Good Friends

    Such Good Friends

    they were friends
    good friends read more »

    Suchoon Mo_
  • 31.
    Fear's Funeral

    I went to a funeral today

    Fear died and we buried it six feet deep
    Everyone cheered nobody cried read more »

    tony haynes
  • 32.
    its hard to kno you didnt you, couldnt cry

    Its always too hard say godbye to someone you love and its even worst if you can never find yourself to cry

    every time i think about it never getting the chance to say goodbye but still never crying at the fact your no longer here it makes me die over and over inside its make feel as if i didnt care enough about you to shed tears as i paid my respects when you were once one of the most important aspects in my life read more »

    nika lockhart
  • 33.
    The Good Funeral

    There may be a heaven
    Sealed in the dark
    Then there's no denial
    About life here on earth read more »

    Matt Ullman
  • 34.

    The last chapter
    none wish to witness
    when, they are alive. read more »

    cyclopseven Ram
  • 35.
    How important a woman is!

    Visit a funeral where it was of a man.
    Visit a funeral where it was of his wife.
    Take attendance and count the mourners.
    It will tell how important the woman had been. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 36.
    Let Me Embrace Lonely Distance

    First, I got the message you were sick
    then the message that you were admitted
    then came the message of your death. read more »

    Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
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