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My Life Poem - Poem by josh vestweber

My life is all about poems, love, and something else but I roll on with life with help from people that like me for who I am. Keep your friends close and your lovers closer not really but I wish that was true for it to happen. I would have to wait on it but I think it can happen. Thinking and knowing what life is going to bring to you or something else to happen I don’t know. In my life is something to do anything into my life, I think there is something to do in life. Death is something not to be thinking about right now. That is what I not trying to think about, besides that I can’t think about it at all. I have no idea why I think about it from time to time. Not in school or out of school but I think about something or someone to be with me. I can’t say anything about people who like me for who I am but there is a lesson in life to learn about or something else. My life can’t be any worse I have no idea why life is nothing to be ashamed about being yourself. There is days that you are up and then down it is like a big roller coaster. this can’t get any worse but there are many things in life to think about than death. I really don’t know why that I think about somethings after all life is a key to being alive is no joke about trying to do die. The keys to life are life key, friendship key, love key, believe key, thinking key, demon key, poetry key, drawing key, and many more types of key doors are; soul door, life door, love door, friendship door, thinking door, believe door, demon door, poetry door, drawing door, and many more types of doors. Looking for something to do is to me writing poems about life and death for most people thinking about people and other things. Most poems are about someone’s life or death experience it is more like a challenge I don’t why I had to put that down but it is hard thinking of things to do in life more people think that there is nothing to do but think about life that is all I do. Thinking about keys and doors are something to do for people I don’t know why I say things with out thinking about it first that is nothing new for me to think about everyday and other people that I cant talk about things that have no meaning to me but there is a line between reality and friction nothing in life is fair you cant just go around asking for something to do when you know there is something to do inn life but I roll is by writing poems for other people and reasons that is y I think it is hard for some people to write poems. Poems do not have to be about love or death it can be about other things in life, in time it could build over time I mean life is a mysterious key you ay not know anything else or what happened to you but that is life my dad told me once in awhile that life is nothing but a big puzzle there are many pieces that can go together. That is what life is a big puzzle nothing else. Doors and keys can help you but they can not guide you everywhere you go but that is not a good thing they are there to help you, not to be used in everyday life. Life, things, and love are great things to have but that can change in an instant but that is how people think about life and death some people think that life is all fun and games until something happens to them that is how I figured it out I know that things can change in instants but life, death, love, people, friends, and other things in life are changing around us and we didn’t even know about it that is nothing I want to keep telling people about life and death that is one thing I cant keep telling people what to do in life but I can be there for them not for ever it is hard being myself in this life. I can’t remember what I was doing but I figured that it is nothing good to be done in life. Nothing else to do in life is to be myself, nobody else just me. Many people think im a freak all because I write poems and I’m trying to be someone that wants to be himself. Life is something that can’t be change, but the heart can be change and the soul is something helps you. Love, life, dreams, and friends that is something I live by for now. Some days it is like I have no choice on what I do but I know how to keep someone that you love. It was not anything to be worried about but I love writing poems more than anything I don’t care what other people have to say about me they can say what ever they want to say about me. Even if people think about you in bad ways you think about yourself even more. In life you might get married or not depends on what you think about a person that you are in love with. So many people think that there is more to then other things I don’t know why people think about those things. Into the life im in is to be four people in life. This something I would be writing but im typing for some odd reason I just don’t know why. Here is the lives im in; first life is the life im in,2nd life is with my girlfriend,3rd life is Romeo, and the last life is in a poem. It is nothing to do with my life but I haven’t been myself for a while but I can get back to myself after this poem because of my will to write poems everyday and night no matter what happens I still write poems. Things in life is sometimes helpful and sometimes not. But that is how I think about it. Most of the time there is life and death to make you think which one you are living in. I’m in the middle of life and death. You better make the best of it, keeping your self in between of things is how it is. Of things to keep me alive is something to keep me in my place. Of course the life people are in having to think about this for awhile. Keep thinking about my life is what I do and don’t but I keep telling myself “who am I but it is happening to me and my life I keep telling.” Having fun or no fun that is life it isn’t fun but I have been saying this to myself now. Here is something called birth, child, teenager, life, old man, and then death. Making friends in life to keep you on the right path. Keys to life are; birth key, teenager’s keys, path key, soul key, death key, keeping yourself alive key. That is how I think about things that I have been doing into my life. thanks to me I have been stuck in hell or somewhere. I keep thinking and telling people that I want to be myself, no one else just me. This what my life is about just trying to tell people that I don’t want to be anyone else but me. Life, death, and thinking about who I am.

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