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Aces Ooty Trip With Collegues And Friends - Poem by Umasree Raghunath

It's a great time for real fun
As the ACES BMI started on the run
Towards the Hills of Nilgiris
To touch the sky and dew drops

Guys and Gals and two little kids
Boarded the train with fun amidst
Laughter filled the coupes and air
And fun started as whistle went fair

The most professional bosses
Acting as the more protective brothers
It just did not seem like a corporate trip
For care and affections of the team were in grip

Perfection was there in everything
And pleasure for everyone was a sure thing
The little and the green lushes hut cottages
Made everyone smile and say cheese

Food was the best for the hungry hearts
For relishing were our very part
Girls draped in the unusual western wear
So does the boys' looking like cowboys

Avalanche, the lush green open space
Made everyone walk and run in pace
The little adventurous brook
That touched us with the chillness hook

Travel was to most part of it
We sang, danced and were at heart of it
Clicking photos and video was fun
The little doggie behind Marc as he ran

It was getting dark and cold
Making all our breaths to hold
As the sun went into the skies fold
The sky looked great and gold

Once in twelve years kurinchi flowers
That greeted us with a demeanor
The cabbage garden that laid a canopy
Of tactness in weaving garden recipe

Could have been a better fun
Had the choice of drinks or gals been done
For the first timers of this kind of fun
It was little taking back in the run

Nothing could be the showstoppers
For the spirits were at peak bonkers
Just the warmth amidst the chillness
Was there with all with willingness

The Twin busses that drove us with the bosses
Were shaking and bumping with the dances
The schools and the lakes were full of radiance
As we drove among the hills of substance

Bonfire, raging the fires in all our hearts
Anatkshari, the songs that sung in arts
Special mention of a wonderful couple
Who took the most part of it in doubles

Best of the Business Analyists proving great Papas
And the wonderful bosses proving to be the best of friends
The most vulnerable looking girls setting strong principles
Amidst the mist of the skies proving the real stride of all

Crazy is a small word to the best of fun we had
As we jumped, giggled, fought and gone mad
Down the slopes of the pine gardens
We jumped on the horses to have the rides on

The beautiful landscape near the lake
Forgot withus the lives we lead in fake
Peace is the best word at the moment
For everything around was a god's perfect

Imagine, a boat ride on a tree bent for us
Seven colours of a rainbow went on the trees
As we just hugged and rowed amidst the pines
As our big brothers enjoyed the day's wines

Row, Row, Row a boat down the Pykara
All of us on the wooden slits on décor
The Lake was a little place to hold our fun
As we wanted to run, jump and dance

Down the hill, and up the waters
We carried ourselves to the falls
Just to have a lunch straight under the sun
Getting back to the road was a real fun

Carrots, Twigs and the Teas and chocolates
Best was the final run to catch the train
May be God wanted to see us more unite
Broke one bus so that we could setback tight

The team getting together in one Vehicle
People sitting one above the others laps
Few standing, bending and just dozing
With the time for the train getting tickling

45 minutes,36 kms- 30 min- 24 kms
The final 20 min- 12 kms, the time going on
The contingency plans started to be in making
If we miss this train, the best way to be going

Yeah, just 3 Minutes for the Guard to whistle
All of us bumped into the train in a bustle
We have made, thanks to the Driver brother
Who took that extra pain and courage

Bags, food, and carried ourselves
Just to sit back and say, , , , cheeseeeee,
We have made it again in fun too
As we catch up with blockbusters few

We have proved to be a best team
Not just at office, work and also fun
Good or Bad, we shall make it
For all of us together to retreat

It's like a new born family
Setting straight the mischievous kid
Making the best of the travelling
In life as we learnt the best of things

The 48 hours could have drained
But left behind the spirits to work better
It refreshed not just the souls and minds
But redefined the work culture and relationships

Thanks to the best of the Corporate Trip
That united BMI for a better future in GRIP.
We have been RETESTED OK as a Team
By the test TRAVELLOR in the whim.

United we Stand
Divided we Fall…….

Dedicated to ACES, BMI.
Just for You all there- Umasree S Raghunath
Date: 8 and 9 January 2005

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