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Poems About: FUN

In this page, poems on / about “fun” are listed.

  • 25.

    People have fun.
    Fun in the sun.
    Theres something for everyone.
    If your fun is a run. read more »

    Svenili Hughes
  • 26.
    What is fun?

    Fun is the smile that is put on your face.
    Fun is when you slow down your pace.
    Fun is playing games.
    Fun is the feeling of fame. read more »

    Seth Litthisack
  • 27.
    Summer fun at the Beach

    Summer fun is so grand
    It's so fun too play in the sand
    Summer time with family is so fun
    you get to laugh and play in the sun read more »

    Attalia Gooden
  • 28.
    my new friends

    My new friends are
    Rocio: tuff, funny, silly, fun, social, nice, dramatic, and a great, caring, friend and trustful
    Isabel: rich, funny, and sometimes mean
    sophia: funny, fun and evil in a friendly way read more »

    adriana salomon
  • 29.

    fun is what you do when your with a friend
    fun is what you do when you play games
    fun is what you do when you hang out with people
    fun is what you do when you dance read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 30.
    Soft nature and its fun

    Wild is the nature
    To someone frail and pale
    Soft and beautiful
    To them who worked and won read more »

    Farooq Hussain
  • 31.
    Who Knew

    Who knew how much fun you would have dancing
    I knew I would have fun
    but you having fun swing dancing
    here I thought you would be sitting there all night read more »

    Rebekah Russell
  • 32.

    Poetry isn't fun
    It's an inner talent revealing
    It's a raw emotion processed into writing read more »

    Stanley Bronny
  • 33.
    The Merry Go Round

    Riding along on a merry go round
    Around and round we go
    See all the smiling faces around
    Enjoying the fun and the show read more »

    vance freeman
  • 34.
    My Own Kind of Fun

    I always have fun every single day
    But with doing different things each day
    Oh, I always have my own kind of fun
    Every day of every year of my life read more »

    Casey Lyon
  • 35.
    Foolish fun

    Its alright to have fun but don't let fun have you.
    Fun can seize, overwhelm, and embarrass you.
    Seldom is a fool the same after fun fingers a score of lasting sour notes for those you entertained.
    Have fun and have a limit for such. read more »

    Timothy Branch
  • 36.
    Did you have fun?

    Did you have fun...
    Breaking my heart?
    Did you have fun...
    Watching me fall apart? read more »

    Sad Truth
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