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Poems About: FUN

In this page, poems on / about “fun” are listed.

  • 109.
    Fundamental Reggae

    'fun-da-mental-ism' miss God's fun, man -
    who want a God wittout a smile? ... read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 110.
    Please come back!

    Its seems the time has come for the storm to subside,
    from all that time I waited for it to happen.
    Finally, I can say bring the summer fun,
    good-bye friends I hope you have fun! read more »

    Abbie Nunez
  • 111.
    jim jim

    jim jim
    your ever so prim
    sitting there in your chair
    making fun as you do read more »

    christina tina mcintosh
  • 112.
    I knew she had her eye on me

    I knew she had her eye on me
    The day we finally met
    I saw the glistening sparkle
    The best to come was yet read more »

    Bradley Lester
  • 113.

    Jump, Scream, Laugh, Play,
    Those are the things I did today.
    Smile, Sing and Share Memories too,
    Those are things I want with you. read more »

    Luna Moon
  • 114.
    Adios beautiful world, Adios

    Adios beautiful world
    With all your dirts and hurts
    The times my heart would burst
    With all ups and downs read more »

    nader baheri
  • 115.
    A Snowman

    Its fun to make a snowman,
    If only he could stay,
    But when the sun comes out,
    Our snowman runs away. read more »

    Claire Galpin
  • 116.
    Young and Fun

    I was young
    and I was Fun
    I danced around town
    and never had the chance to frown read more »

    Gabrille Achtermann
  • 117.
    Zest and Zeal!

    Life always needs something that is special
    The natural fun factor of Life; Zest and Zeal

    Lookout for the stupidest reasons to smirk read more »

    Manjeshwari P MYSORE
  • 118.
    Boozer began for fun

    The boozer began just for fun.
    Interest picked very quickly.
    evenings he sinks before Sun
    Recreation progressed addiction. read more »

  • 119.
    Grown Life

    Dreaming of a life
    Excitement, joy
    Now, a down soul
    A young soul dreading of a life read more »

    John Lee
  • 120.
    A cowboy

    cowboy on the run
    with his big forty four gun
    running from the law running read more »

    art kuttler
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