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Fantasy: Eyes On Dreams; Shape-Changed; Daylight; Dormant - Poem by Margaret Alice

Eyes On Her dreams

The frog, living at the bottom of the well
by the Wonderland-Lake, waiting for a princess
to come along, hoping to be recognized as a
Prince in Disguise, frog-leaped to
Shahrazad, the crocodile

demanding a kiss, she did as instructed by
the imperious frog, almost imbibing him as
guided by her reptilian heart, nearly
choking in the effort to keep from
swallowing him; she started to

blunder and bluster and obfuscate; the frog
was disappointed while Shahrazad left in a
hurry, already late to meet Okefenokee Al,
her only real pal, who could be expected
to be there for her all the time

meanwhile the frog, tired out from his efforts
at being kissed by a crocodile, slunked away in
true froggy fashion until he met the Ice Princess,
walking along with her eyes on her dreams
when the frog appeared

with his request for a kiss; she asked what would
happen should she kiss him, he replied he would
turn into a Prince, even a King; she dreamily
complied, her lips trembling and cold as
behooves an Ice Princess spawned

on a Mountain of Glass, the frog looked up in
disappointment; ordered her to kiss him again
with more fervour and enthusiasm, she tried
again, kissing the little green frog,
left by the King of the North

at the bottom of the well by the Wonderland-
Lake… What happened then, dear Scribe,
would you care to tell us


It is wonderful to be alive
when I have shape-changed
into a mermaid in my mind
gamboling in the Gulf Stream
drifting with a merman-king
to his ancient Gaelic castle
in far-off Ireland...
and you thought
I would be
at work

Took My Daylight Faculty Away*

Found the reason
for my sleepiness:
a fairy of wickedness
came to my christening

took my daylight faculty
away by giving the gift
of sleeping all day long;
though awake at night

I wax and wane with the
moon, such is my
astrogenetic plight –
until a prince will

come and kiss me
without knowing who
I might be while
I’m withered

With the waning
of the moon…

Taken from the tale “Little Daylight” by George Macdonald

Dormant through the Day

Finally, a diagnosis of what
is wrong with me - suffering
from severe diurnation, a
terrible habit of sleeping -
being dormant - through
the day; hell and damnation;
it makes life difficult when
I cannot sleep - creating
the impression I can keep
my eyes glued to a PC
screen - a brilliant actress
am I, playing the role of a
government official, but
underneath - I'm just a
sleepy dreamer...

Comments about Fantasy: Eyes On Dreams; Shape-Changed; Daylight; Dormant by Margaret Alice

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    A wonderful poem with a unique theme!
    Keep it up, dear! (Report) Reply

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