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  • 325.
    The Frog and The Nightingale

    A species of Nightingales,
    lived on a planet called Nottingales.
    They worked and played their way.
    And day to night ate dry hay.

    A species of Frogs,
    lived of a planet called Trogs.
    They were ruled by a frog,
    who was eight feet tall.
    His name was evil Mog.

    A natural calamity in Trogs,
    killed half of the frogs.
    The other half ran away,
    To the planet called Nottingales.
    On a rocket called N1-nightingales.

    The N1-nightingales landed,
    and the empire of Nottingales was handed,
    to the tall and evil frog.
    Who's name was evil evil Mog.

    The situation was bad.
    As the nightingales became sad.
    Some nightingales called cubers,
    didn't take the situation as humours.

    The cubers fought for their land.
    which was in evil evil evil Mog's hand
    On Mog's head, the cubers threw eggs.
    So that Mog couldn't stand on his legs.

    Nothing happend to Mog as he was too big.
    He wasn't like a Frog but like a giant pig.
    He hired crows and cats.
    Who dressed like James Bond with crooked hats.

    Mog marched his army towards the nightigales.
    That was like a world war in Nottingales.
    Nightingales didn't have enough power.
    So they tried saved their lives on a telephone tower.

    Sound of laughter came from a frog.
    Who was the evil evil evil evil Mog.
    He didn't realise the Danger,
    When beneath him was a new stranger.

    The new stranger was a member of the nightingales.
    Who was hatched from an egg called Nottingales.
    Yes, the whole planet was a nightingale's egg.
    For his life Mog had to beg.

    They went away on the N1-nightingales.
    On a new planet called Mottingales.
    Once again they planet and worked their way.
    And day to night ate dry hay.

    I may not be Shakespeare,
    But if you are Mog you will drop a tear.
    I know this story cannot be sold.
    But it will give a smile to the ones
    who are five years old. read more »

  • 326.
    Whispering Meadows -new-

    Look at the blue Lagoon
    Sitting there so brightly
    Green frogs leap there
    Green frogs leaping everywhere read more »

  • 327.

    My aunt owned one dog named Linus, the other Bezel
    But her favorite animal was a frog,
    I do not know why but she had so many figures of them,
    You could jog them. read more »

  • 328.
    A Virtuous Frog Is No More.

    Once upon a time in a land far away,
    in the great vast wilderness I wander,
    with full assurance a beautiful princess,
    she was dressed in scarlet velvet fine. read more »

  • 329.
    A Leaping Tale

    At the prospect of your kiss my heart leaps,
    serenading silent night like a princely frog
    on his lily pad throne, yawning, yearning
    and beneath the mist draped moon, croaking, read more »

  • 330.
    The Showoff

    A story sad came from a pond where
    lived a thousand frogs.
    Then, there were tadpoles by the
    score that loitered near the read more »

  • 331.

    A three by five foot
    Close up photo of a frog
    on a Lillie pad
    Whose eyes follow you around the room read more »

  • 332.

    read more »

  • 333.
    P O E M B O Y 10

    M O S E S

    Flies, frogs, and more read more »

  • 334.
    A Shallow Thought Sinked A Frog

    In a Lake of chaotic
    peace, a flat-head frog
    reflected itself and thought
    it shallow while flex in abyss. read more »

  • 335.
    frogs and porch light

    Here is my Arabic translation of Mr. Mohammad Azim Khan haiku:
    after dark
    frogs hop towards
    the porch light read more »

  • 336.
    Frog Prince Of 21th Century (Part 1)

    The memory I've taken with when I started to walk,
    I promised I never did gone to break your heart.
    Listen to the birds' singing, moon's gone to shards.
    I knew the rest of the folktales, and now i will talk. read more »

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