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- Because Iam Your Friend - - Poem by Jothi Mangaiarkkarasit

I like you not just because you are beautiful
You sure is so beautiful
You know it does not have to come from me as
You must have already got that from hundred of guys i am sure

You are so elegant that
You know it would be a lie if i tell
You that i did not skip a beat when
You come up the steps while i sit on the front terrace

Oh good lord, tell me a single soul who would not blush
When he look at that long lovely nose and cherry lips
Oh good lord, how you make someone breathless
When he look at that oval shaped chin dimples
Oh lord, this sacred creature is blessed with silky hair
Oh god, the best feature is her splendid smile

Your charm is so adorable that
You can set off a firestorm in Brigade road if
You just walk pass by
You can melt the eyeball of any guy you want i am serious

You are the inspiration of any poet
You are the illusion of any painter
I have no more words for this miracle
God’s creation, you are beyond comparison

Dear friend these compliments are not flattery
Dear friend these are sincere appreciation of beauty
Dear friend you can easily mistaken my approbation and lavish praise
Dear friend i am not writing I am speaking from my heart

I am not perfect but i try to do my best to be true to every one
I come in contact with
I am an ordinary guy with no extra ordinary ability but
I am a firm believer of trust, respect, share and care

I never had any fraction of displeasure when
You did not pick up the phone or stop messaging
I never had any wrath when you were busy
I never knew anyone who tried to understand you better than i myself

Because there is a gentleness in the way you speak
Because you listen every time i say something
Because you make me a spontaneous conversationalist
I was always boring in reality

I like you because you picked up the phone when you were sick
I like you because you responded when i called during odd hours
It shows the goodness in you
I thank you a million for being nice with me

Because i like your sense of humour
Because i consider you as a good human
Because i respect you
Because i like your friendship simple plain and straight forward

Because you are not just another pretty face
Because you are intelligent and highly artistic
Because you are not the stereotypical beauty with no brains
Because you are sharp with a bubbly personality

Because its love but not being in love
Because its unconditional acceptance without prejudice
Because friendship is about accepting one’s bright as well as dark side
Because its trust but it should be two sided

its caring even for small things
Because its heavenly but only for those who do not let the true friendship go
Because it’s for those who live life to the fullest
Because it’s for those who knows that we all live only once

Because it’s for that real person without any hidden agenda
Because it’s for those who have a heart and soul
Because it’s not for the chicken hearted
Because it’s not for those who procrastinate a helping hand when others crying for help
Because it’s not for that con man who take advantage of everything

Friendship is divine just like your name ~ Author Renewed
| © jothimangaiarkkarasi |(© 2/8/2013) (Special dedication for all the friends on friendship day)

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