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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 61.

    Friendship is like a bunch of flowers tied together,
    Happiness and solitude for some auspicious moments rather.
    Friendship bears the sorrows and happiness of two souls,
    It also bears misfortunes and disasters in various moulds. read more »

    Green Peace
  • 62.

    Friendship is real balm of our life
    it never speaks volume,
    never demanding,
    always defending. read more »

    Suniya Garg
  • 63.
    Once Or Twice Again

    Once or twice in a week in the beginning
    and once or twice in a month, later
    I would try to make it happen that we meet
    but you would be regularly found very busy. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 64.
    A Journey To Reality

    I felt no pressure on my eyes
    no heaviness on my chest
    no nausea or heartache.
    It was very easy this time read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 65.

    We do not text to each other these days
    but yesterday my old friend texted
    'Smile is address of life.
    smile is a way to get success read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 66.
    to my two best friends

    friendship that has be lost
    friendship that has be found
    friendship that we shared
    friends that well never end read more »

    Bradley Stewart
  • 67.

    Human beings are just like a book,
    It’s easy to judge them by just a look,
    No need to read them from page to page,
    They may not be even of your age. read more »

    Shrini Deewana
  • 68.
    Friendship is like a flower, help it grow!

    Friendship is like a flower, help it grow
    Keep it warm, protect it from the snow,
    How long will it last, only God will know,
    But if it is'nt true, quickly it will go... read more »

    Kuji soliman
  • 69.
    I Need A Friend

    I need a friend who does not betray me
    Every one needs a friend
    You and me and others
    Hand in hand to build friendship read more »

    Messaoud Allalouche
  • 70.
    The Gift Of Friendship

    It's hard to find a friendship that is truly real
    Sometimes it's hard to trust
    Never give up on making new friends
    Friends are like family, and family is a must. read more »

    Dianna Nally
  • 71.
    What is Friendship?

    Friendship is what brings us here

    Friendship is more important than money
    More important than a job
    More important than having lots of things
    Friendship is okay with being given away because it knows what it brings read more »

    Eric Fieland
  • 72.

    The vase can be broken, and thrown away.
    The flowers will soon wither and then decay.
    Friendship can't be bought, borrowed or stolen.
    Friendship that is Friendship, is worth its weight in gold. read more »

    Grace M. Jordan
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