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Bake At 375 - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

One can only offer friendship
But offering does not a friendship make
One can have it in their heart to be real
And still be regarded as fake
One can set the oven at 375
And hit the button that says BAKE
Can mix all the proper ingredients
Except for one important one
And still not have a cake
One can try so hard to let their feelings show
And someone else will diminish them
or retreat to their own self sorrow
It takes two to help a friendship to grow
This I've learned
This I know
It has little to do with cultural things
Friendship must sprout its own wings
And as long as two try to confide
And see the other's side
And forgive as need be
And keep their heart's open wide
And forget about their egos and pride
Most importantly: Not Hide! !

Only through sharing, is friendship applied
Time will ultimately decide
But if I had my choice
I'd wish to keep you by my side
Because you were nice
You were sweet
I know you tried to halfway meet
You're mostly kind
Proper and discreet
I care for you
Even though your hot and cold
Sometimes vindictively mistreat
I still care about you
Because knowing you
Somehow makes life a little more complete
I still like it when we talk and meet
You're a good friend still somehow
One of the nicest
And most complex I'll ever meet
Know I wish you well
And would reach out to hug you
If we ever meet upon a street
But if you say it's best we stay away
It will be that way
I'll swallow the pain of it
Until it goes away, if it does someday
I'm used to fading away
It just hurts inside
And I haven't learned yet
How to make that pain go away
I'm used to sadness, I hear myself say
But it's really not that way
Sadness is winning out
And each time I fight the dragon
I feel its my own heart that I slay
I really hoped you would stay....
I feel lost inside today.

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