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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 349.

    Our friendship is round,
    Just like a ring.
    Where it will end or begin.
    Nobody knows how it will go, read more »

    Stephanie Smith
  • 350.

    Hey friend.
    Lets skip...
    Skip to our death.
    Death of our friendship. read more »

    Genevieve Campbell
  • 351.
    I Don't Care

    I don't care who's wrong, I don't care who's right,
    I just want to stop this fight
    You and I know this friendship is ending
    So let's just quit all this pretending read more »

    Kelly Curiel
  • 352.
    The Lessons They Taught Me

    From my life I was happy for to see them go
    The people I wish I never got to know
    And though some of our mistakes we repeat again
    The lessons they taught me with me will remain read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 353.

    We had a friendship pure and true,
    A friendship time could never cease,
    That in sad moments, could renew,
    And bring to us release, read more »

    james prince
  • 354.
    The Search For Life

    Sometimes I feel
    What is this friendship all about?
    Where every action ends in formality
    And every word turns inside out read more »

    Sumeet Mukherjee
  • 355.
    Gone With the Wind

    Friendship was once floating in the air
    Waiting for someone to catch it
    You and I saw it
    And each took a piece read more »

    Kryzl Deanne Pascual
  • 356.
    Love and Friendship

    Love is like a call
    If you don't receive it
    It will be missed call
    Love is heavenly perceive it read more »

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma
  • 357.

    Friendship is always auspicious,
    ‘Tis a bank that never runs dry;
    You can retain its worth till you die
    For to help, a friend seldom tires. read more »

    Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga
  • 358.
    Friendship and Love

    Friendship's like the moon,
    All our sorrows lightening
    But Love is as the sun,
    Burning while 'tis brightening. read more »

    Mary Anne Browne
  • 359.
    “For how long can we be friends? ”

    I once asked a friend
    “For how long can we be friends? ”
    Then came the reply;
    “For as long as we want? ” read more »

    Bamisaye Adeniran
  • 360.

    And the sun fills the sky
    And tomorrow will turn into today
    The time for our friendship feels so right
    You were dreaming the morning away read more »

    Aldo Kraas
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