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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 337.
    The Little Things

    The giant cockroach struggles against the tiny ants
    As he fights for his life, the ants try and take him away to eat
    A one on three million battle that he will never win
    The little ants finally succeed and take him away read more »

    Tamara Moir
  • 338.
    Pretending It's Not Real

    A shooting star flew by
    And you quickly came to mind
    You're exactly what I wanted
    You're what my thoughts would find read more »

    SarahLaney Long
  • 339.

    Our friendship is round,
    Just like a ring.
    Where it will end or begin.
    Nobody knows how it will go, read more »

    Stephanie Smith
  • 340.

    It hurts me to even think
    are friendship is slip-ping away read more »

    Maribel Ramirez
  • 341.

    Real friendships, are hard to find—
    as those in younger days.
    Excepting you, as you were—
    regardless of all your ways. read more »

    M. Phillip Brown
  • 342.
    In Friendship


    In friendship it’s the little things
    That means the most of all read more »

    Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel
  • 343.

    A friendship I thought would last forever,
    A friendship bound by many chains,
    A trust I thought would last for eternity,
    But within darkened clouds full of rain, read more »

    Darren Harris
  • 344.
    Seek your knowledge in observation.

    Seek your knowledge in observation.
    Know friendship to be the truest bond of all,
    Near perfect is Love platonic in essence.
    Within nature perceive the friendship of all, read more »

    David Lacey
  • 345.
    Farewell To Your Friendship

    I don't need you,
    Or your lame friends,
    I have my own friends,
    The more I have, read more »

    Jennifer Rondeau
  • 346.
    The Remain

    Distanced seems to be the shine on his face
    Yet his heart pounds at looking her grace
    Thinking he would give her space
    But time overwrote its pace… read more »

    kriti krits
  • 347.
    Frienships and Love is a Joke

    Friendships and Love is all a joke
    Don't ask me why you already know
    Friends lie and backstab you
    Love if you're far away of course it won't work read more »

    dayerlin baez
  • 348.

    Love and friendship make human life divine on Earth;
    Such a relationship it is rare to expect in other planets!
    Love unites all as one entity in a world of chaos ever
    And friendship maintains the bond of love well forever. read more »

    Ramesh T A
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