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  • 313.

    It is said that
    Friendship is a bond of,
    Love and trust,
    It can be gained by read more »

  • 314.
    The Little Things

    The giant cockroach struggles against the tiny ants
    As he fights for his life, the ants try and take him away to eat
    A one on three million battle that he will never win
    The little ants finally succeed and take him away read more »

  • 315.

    A few intellectual individuals formed a friendship forum;
    Its intention was to follow a plan for intellectual development.
    If the plan was not feasible it had to be disbanded instantly;
    If it worked out well the intellectuals would have a friendship! read more »

  • 316.

    friend ship is what every one needs,
    even though there might be sorrow,
    friendship always comes up the borrow,
    in the winter and summer to freindship is good for me and you, read more »

  • 317.


    Friendship is such a fine thing; the best way to describe it is through poetry. All through your life you meet plenty of people. Some stay and some leave. But true friends leave their footprints in your heart. With friends around, life can be fun. After all, they are there all through our highs and lows. People who share your happiness but vanish when you are sad are not worth being friends. As an ode to your everlasting friendship, we bring you poems on friendship. Write down a poem for your friend and see the person smile like never before! For ideas, you can always check our related sections that offer poems for different types of poems. read more »

  • 318.

    Our friendship is round,
    Just like a ring.
    Where it will end or begin.
    Nobody knows how it will go, read more »

  • 319.
    That's What Friendship's About

    It may not be any of those you drink with in the bar
    When you are in trouble you'll know who your friends are,
    Your friends will not desert you in your time of need
    Just like it is said such friends are friends indeed, read more »

  • 320.
    eternal friendship

    Even if this world ends,
    Even if we die;
    Our friendship shall never fade,
    It is our only aid. read more »

  • 321.
    Friendship Or Love

    ive been thinking about something,

    that i recently got off my chest, read more »

  • 322.

    You put
    All or nothing
    In this friendship
    Is that clear read more »

  • 323.
    Friendship is a gift

    Friendship is a Gift,
    it's the best you have to share,
    The talents and the wisdom,
    a friend is allways there. read more »

  • 324.

    i see you walking past
    and i look away,
    as if i never knew you, read more »

New Friendship Poems

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  16. The Death of Our Friendship, Taylor Rease
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  27. and all the magnolias, Eva Tortora
  28. Friendship Destroyed - Cinquain, Noah Body
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  30. Love, Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  31. A WORD, A TOUCH, A GLANCE, L.B. Strawn
  32. Loaf Of Friendship, Paul Sebastian
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  36. Ode to Instant Messaging (revised), Terry Dawson
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  39. Friends Forever, yolandey breedt
  40. Your my best friend, Angela Morin
  41. Magnetron Tube, Udiah (witness to Yah)
  42. Lithium Tanks, Udiah (witness to Yah)
  43. Here Is To Friendship, Pontsho PCP Pusos
  44. Love Unlimited, Mattias Turovski
  45. Fool’s Gold, Udiah (witness to Yah)
  46. To Others As To Us, Margaret Moran
  47. Friendship To Cherish In Life!, Ramesh T A
  48. On This Day..., Tapashya Das
  49. Friendship or enmity, hasmukh amathalal
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  58. Friendship, Ogwo David Emenike
  59. 10 Years, Chirag Kapoor.
  60. Thiruvalluvar's Couplets on 'Friendship', rajendran muthiah
  61. I Need A Friend, Messaoud Allalouche
  62. Friendship (Minuet), Dorian Petersen Potter
  63. Man Accompany Man, gajanan mishra
  64. Does A Friendship Fade (When A Friend Go.., Jesse Ellsbury
  65. Friendship is many, Grapie Lin
  66. Love/Friendship, Balaji Keerthana
  67. >>A true friend, Abdul Wahab
  68. Friendship is Friendship, Sumedha Parihar
  69. What is?, Sky Welch
  70. Death of Our Friendship, Unintelligible Susurration
  71. At Last Call(for Travis), derrick foster
  72. Onion (Cinquain), chandra thiagarajan
  73. Friendship, Erik Gillette
  74. To Sustain Friendship, Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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