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In this page, poems on / about “friendship” are listed.

  • 229.

    True Friendship isn't seen with the eyes, it is felt with the heart
    When there is understanding, loyalty and trust that can never be set apart....

    True Friendship is rarely seen now a days but when it is found read more »

    Dipika Pathania
  • 230.
    Our Friendship

    Our friendship happened instantly,
    We met and something clicked;
    Of all the people that I met,
    You were the one I picked. read more »

    Gail Grierson
  • 231.
    Friends Never Say Goodbye

    Friends never say
    But you and me
    will never be the read more »

    lisa parks
  • 232.
    Song III

    WE loved, my love, and now it seems
    Our love has brought to birth
    Friendship, the fairest child of dreams,
    The rarest gift of earth. read more »

    Edith Nesbit
  • 233.

    Friendships come and friendships go
    Like wave upon sand
    Like Day and Night
    Like Birds in Flight read more »

    Stuart Dingwall
  • 234.
    Friendship Is Precious....! ! ! !

    Not only in the shade,
    But in the sunshine of life;
    And thanks to a benevolent
    Arrangement of things, read more »

    Anandita Trikha
  • 235.
    women united...

    there is a common ground for all
    the women that i love
    and that is friendship
    love read more »

  • 236.

    friendships last, friendships fade,
    they can cut you like a rasor blade.
    but in THIS frienship it involves me and you,
    our friendship will NEVER fade to blue. read more »

    hannah isaacs
  • 237.
    Friendship Grows

    </>Find a patch of dirt with room
    Plant a seed and watch it bloom
    Give it water, give it sun
    Growing plants is so much fun read more »

    Gloraly Gomez
  • 238.
    material things or friendship? ? ? ? ? ?

    Sometimes I ask myself,
    Why do people love material things than friendship?
    Friendship is the most worthy,
    since friendship will persist, read more »

    ayla lopez
  • 239.

    Friendship is,

    A caring smile,
    A helping hand, read more »

    Nav Price
  • 240.

    One day love and friendship met.
    Love asked
    'when I already exist why are you here? '
    friendship replied read more »

    RiRi S...
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