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Poems About: FRIEND

In this page, poems on / about “friend” are listed.

  • 349.

    Friends make you smart;
    Friends make you heart.
    Friends make you cheerful;
    Friends make you grieful. read more »

    Ellie Friedman
  • 350.
    Friends forever

    You're a friend so special.
    You're a friend so true.
    You're a friend I'll always want.
    No matter what you do. read more »

    joseph freeman
  • 351.
    My Friend

    We’ve been together
    For a long time,
    You’ve been a friend
    Since we were young, read more »

    Sheraly Espiritu
  • 352.

    Friends are there for you
    When you need them
    that is true read more »

    Cassy Pace
  • 353.

    Days always seem brighter with your friends by your side
    You don’t have to worry and you don’t have to hide
    Though sometimes there are hard days and bad days too
    You can count on your friends when you seem blue read more »

    Samantha Martin
  • 354.
    All Of My Friends

    All of my friends,
    that i hold to my heart,
    the ones who keep me sane,
    keep my emotions in check, read more »

    Savannah Allison
  • 355.
    my friend

    We all need someone
    To talk to in our life,
    A friend to whom we run
    In times of stress or strife read more »

    Dongbin Lee
  • 356.
    Friends are your..............................

    Friends have great conducts of ideal to copy,
    So do copy them.

    Friends are your beloved, read more »

    rabia javed
  • 357.
    Untrue Friends

    My friends are my only protection
    Against the cruel world outside my door
    They will always be there
    That is what friends are supposed to do read more »

    Aurea Armbruster
  • 358.
    Where are Friends

    Where are friends, oh where are they
    Can I see them from a far
    Friends are like gold dust, but will we ever know
    If they are sincere, or like a falling star read more »

    sylvia spencer
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