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Poems About: FRIEND

In this page, poems on / about “friend” are listed.

  • 325.
    My friends will always be there

    My best friends Ann Maree, Kaitlyn, Sara, Ryty, Riley, Mickey, Zoie are  cool.

    My best friend Ann Maree, Kaitlyn, Sara, Ryty, Riley, Mickey, Zoie and I rule read more »

    Kylie Jordan
  • 326.

    Friends should be there for you
    Best Friends would not make you blue.
    Friends should love you no matter what.
    Best Friends would kick love in the butt. read more »

    Marlena Scott
  • 327.
    A Friend

    A friend is always there for you
    when you need them most
    A friend will give the last they have
    and, never brag or boast read more »

    Roger Horsch
  • 328.
    True vs. best friends

    A true friend is a person you can tell everything to; a best friend is a person that has different friends then you and leaves you out

    A true friend is a person that while talking to his/her other friends and they are talking to you too and you say something and you seem sad they will ignore the other people an dlisten to you; A best friend is a person that you can talk to but they will ignore you for other people. read more »

    Kelsey Sescila
  • 329.
    True Friend <3

    A real friend is someone who walks in when everybody else walks out,
    A real friend shares all the good times and helps you in the bad,
    A real friend knows all about you but loves you anyway,
    A real friend is like a star, you dont always see them, but you know they're always there, read more »

    Caoimhe Daly
  • 330.
    Friends For Life

    No matter where life takes us
    Or where the wind may blow
    You and I will be together
    This I know read more »

    Hillary Unknown
  • 331.
    Your A Great Friend

    I never real knew
    What friendship was
    Until I met you
    You’re my best friend read more »

    lauren louise jenkins
  • 332.
    What Exactly Is A Friend?

    Could you answer this question?
    What exactly is a friend?
    Is it someone who’s there for you?
    Until the very end read more »

    Danielle Deery
  • 333.
    A friend most true

    I need,
    a friend most true
    who will help me
    in times due. read more »

    Richard Howardson
  • 334.
    Friends forever!

    'Friendship' the best gift God has given,
    which can never be taken.
    The most beautiful word,
    which i've ever heard. read more »

    Lakshmi Ganesh
  • 335.
    True Friends

    A true friend is one through thick and thin,
    A true friend says not to cutt your skin.
    A true friend will stop the pain,
    A true friend will feel the same. read more »

    Jenna Hartman
  • 336.
    You Are My Friend And I Won’t and Can’t Hurt You By Travis Casey

    read more »

    Travis Casey
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