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  • 325.
    cards played by friendship

    friends are angels that come from above, sent by God for one to love, so when you are lonely and sad, remember i'll be there for you.

    Friends are like stars.up in the sky, they shine bright, but you dont see them, but know they are there for you. read more »

  • 326.
    Special Friend

    All i ever wanted, was
    a friend not just any friend, a special friend.
    you were more than a friend to me, you just had to blow it, with a mouthful of lies. since then you've become nothing to me, just another person on my list to ignore. all i ever wanted,
    was a friend, read more »

  • 327.
    good friends and best friends

    Friends are there for many different reasons.
    Friends come in many different types of ways.
    Friends are always there through all the seasons.
    Friends are always there through different times of the days. read more »

  • 328.

    Friends are someone that can help you when your stuck.
    Friends are somebody that sticks up for you and doesn't let you down.
    Their your not your friends if they call you namesand make fun of you.
    You should be able to believe in your friends and mainly trust your friends.You can talk to your friends if you don't know who to talk to when your upset or really mad and that's what friends are for. If I didn't have any friends to talk to or to hang out with i'd be really really down in the dumps. Good thing I do have friends. read more »

  • 329.
    The Friend

    The friend is a treasure
    You find her always in your leisure
    But there are two kind of friends
    True friend and fake friend. read more »

  • 330.
    True vs. best friends

    A true friend is a person you can tell everything to; a best friend is a person that has different friends then you and leaves you out

    A true friend is a person that while talking to his/her other friends and they are talking to you too and you say something and you seem sad they will ignore the other people an dlisten to you; A best friend is a person that you can talk to but they will ignore you for other people. read more »

  • 331.
    True Friends

    A true friend is one through thick and thin,
    A true friend says not to cutt your skin.
    A true friend will stop the pain,
    A true friend will feel the same. read more »

  • 332.
    You Are My Friend And I Won’t and Can’t Hurt You By Travis Casey

    read more »

  • 333.

    Friends are like someone close to u...
    U have friends that care about u and u care about them.
    Then u have friends that act like your friend cause they want something from u.
    So if u have friends.. read more »

  • 334.
    True Friend

    A true friend is always there,
    Maybe with uplifting prayer.
    A dear friend thinks not of gain,
    But what loss was caused by read more »

  • 335.
    Old Friends

    Old Friends

    Each day i sit down and think about
    my friends, all the good times we had read more »

  • 336.
    Family First

    Friends may come and friends may go
    Family is first and this I know
    Putting friends first is a mistake
    And not one that you should make read more »

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