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Poems About: FRIEND

In this page, poems on / about “friend” are listed.

  • 229.
    Write in Sand and Stone

    Today, my friend yelled at me.
    I wrote in sand my friend yelled at me.
    Today, my friend punched me.
    I wrote in sand my friend punched me. read more »

    natalie vail
  • 230.

    They say friends, are forever,
    that friends truly care;
    Friends are like family,
    and that they can be rare. read more »

    Ann Marie Forest
  • 231.
    A Friend Like You

    One of God's blessing to a man,
    Is to send him an angel in the form of a human.
    Each day i keep thanking the stars,
    For blessing me with a friend as amazing as the stars. read more »

    Stanley Oguh
  • 232.
    Real Friends

    Real frinds are hard to find
    And cannot be truly defined

    Real friends understand you when others don't read more »

    Brian Jefferson
  • 233.
    Circle of Friends

    A friend's a friend
    Always at your side
    In sorrow and joy
    Providing all support. read more »

    Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  • 234.
    The Feelings Of Our Friends............The Feelings Of Ourselves

    To understand the feelings of our friends
    Is to understand the feelings of ourselves

    To hurt the feelings of our friends read more »

    rabia javed
  • 235.

    Friends are always there for you
    In happy moments and sad moments too
    You can play and run all day
    But be careful on what you say read more »

    Geneen Meyers
  • 236.
    Best Friend

    Best Friend known each other for for a very long time
    Best Friend our bond is sweet soft like a wind chime
    Best Friend swinging in the park early till late
    Best Friend we were meant to be this is our fate read more »

    sassan cowan
  • 237.

    Friends are
    so FAKE...
    I rather be along read more »

    Angel Wade
  • 238.
    Friends, Not Friends

    A friend will be a friend
    comfort is comfort
    borders don't exist
    lines don't have to be drawn read more »

    Electric Tripp
  • 239.
    A Friend In Need

    A friend is someone you trust
    Who will get you up on a pit
    And help you to the end
    Even if you have a problem that never been solved read more »

    Joshua job Raneses
  • 240.
    It's my best friend an' my new friend.

    It’s my best friend
    An’ my new friend
    It’s my old frown
    With no ground read more »

    Scarred Unknown
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