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Poems About: FREEDOM

In this page, poems on / about “freedom” are listed.

  • 349.
    Freedom in Despair

    Freedom in Despair

    Being set free and feel
    the touch of a stranger read more »

    Devon Maxwell
  • 350.

    freedom is a beatiful thing
    the freedom to laugh, love, speak, and sing

    im so glad this country is free read more »

    danielle jackson
  • 351.

    what the meaning of freedom
    when you couldn't do anything
    from fear of my children future read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 352.

    If the emancipation from the bondage
    Of the soil is the freedom for plants,
    Is such like freedom necessary?
    Can emancipation from the bondage read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 353.
    From The Ashes

    From The Ashes

    Realities of the nightmare
    freedom threatened by corruption read more »

    Aaron(AarionLee) Morris
  • 354.

    Butterflies know it
    and birds often display it
    Freedom in flying. read more »

    Pendelita Toney
  • 355.
    Beauty's a Prison

    Beauty’s a prison when love is gone
    No matter which way you turn
    Forget the freedom you once won read more »

    Ishan Chaitanya
  • 356.

    Searching for serenity
    Hidden away, somewhere for me to find
    Not in the Divine Trinity
    For that is a lie read more »

    Ryan Sanders
  • 357.
    Ghost Souls

    Pale ghosts against dark walls,
    figures thirsting for freedom

    Loveless styles force quick arrival, read more »

    Elizabeth Wiles
  • 358.
    A Wish

    I thought we were good friends
    But we fought and could not make amends
    I said I wished you were dead
    And turned you away in the end read more »

    Corey Mason
  • 359.
    So Say Who Dont Need To Fake

    The freedom is my destiny
    The freedom is like the wind in my face
    I need, because freedom is love read more »

    Not A Dream Choice
  • 360.

    Let's sing the freedom song
    Along the road of dogma littered dust
    Footsteps cracking traditional crust
    Steel emerging from the rust read more »

    Nikunj Sharma
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