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Poems About: FREEDOM

In this page, poems on / about “freedom” are listed.

  • 337.
    One in the Same

    In a country full of freedom, the struggle for freedom took many years.
    The people were slaves in plantations, not even considered human.
    Lincoln proclaimed their freedoms,
    But still equality did not follow until a man with a dream appeared. read more »

    Curtis Germann
  • 338.
    Loneliness Like a Prison

    Loneliness is like a prison
    With invisible walls to bar
    One from the freedom of seeing
    And being with anybody, read more »

    Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie
  • 339.
    I Wonder How Soon All The Wars Would End

    I wonder how soon all the wars would end
    The promoters of them to the front could we send
    And the blood of the rich to be spilled for thee
    So the laboring classes can be free read more »

    Erick Thorin
  • 340.
    Happy Fourth Of July!

    Dawn was grey, overcast, this Independence Day
    A comment on how we treat independence and freedom now?
    The freedom of the wolves to live, the polar bears to thrive
    The freedom of a conflicted people to fight for the government they choose read more »

    Marjorie DeBol DeFazio
  • 341.
    to come to my rescue

    to come to my rescue
    to welter to blood
    the blood to welter in the gold
    gold of peace read more »

    Aidin Azarkerdar
  • 342.
    On What Constitutes Freedom

    On what constitutes freedom we do not agree
    For what is freedom to you is not freedom to me
    That Countries should have borders you see as okay
    But I look at that in a different way read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 343.
    The Price Of Freedom

    Soldier, soldier
    Standing brave,
    have learned to shoot and throw grenades,
    only one who knows freedom's cost, read more »

    Callum Kyle
  • 344.
    Freedom 2

    You just say
    You want to live
    But not like a machine
    not like a digit read more »

    Ershad Mazumder
  • 345.
    Do you know what exactly freedom means?

    Freedom means breathing deeply
    Thinking loudly
    Shouting noiselessly
    Crying quietly read more »

    Reihaneh Jalalian
  • 346.

    Take your freedom
    If you dare oppose the virulent ogre
    In the blood spilling lair
    Amidst thorns and thistles. read more »

    influence salubi
  • 347.
    Freedom’s Road

    For all those who fight on freedom's road.

    Hear the cries on freedom’s road above the cannon’s roar
    See the faces of anguish in the tide of war read more »

    David Harris
  • 348.
    Freedom to be

    When we sit next to one another I can feel the relief of being with someone new
    Sharing in the unexplored
    Taking care to pay attention to all that is
    Freedom to be who we are read more »

    Rachel Hinkle
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