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Zz 19 Ways The U.S.D.A. Kills People, Animals, Birds And/Or Trees - Poem by Saiom Shriver

From killing tens of millions of birds for corporate farms, 'controlled' burns which in uncontrolled fashion burn many square miles of forests, burning animals alive, censorship of Mad Cow and other spongiform encephalopathy diseases, to requiring taxpayers to subsidize fast food ads overseas and torturing animals in a 55 square mile USDA complex in Nebraska, the USDA is a major cause of human disease, animal agony, environmental destruction, and energy waste.

1 THE USDA Has Killed Tens OF Millions OF Blackbirds And Other Birds *6 C S Monitor

2 USDA Lying About MAD COW, MAD PIG, MAD Sheep, MAD Deer, MAD ELK, MAD Chicken, MAD Fish, MAD Milk ETC FOR Decades

Ann Veneman, former head of the USDA, was mentored by R Lyng, president of the North American Meat Institute. She went on from the USDA to spread toxic meat philosophy at UNICEF, a UN agency which impacts children. Virtually every secretary of the USDA has been chosen because of a past history in promulgating poisonous meat products. There are over 150 links at rense dot com about spongiform encephalopathy incidents in the US. *1 see rense dot com

3 USDA Upheld BY Federal Court IN Suppressing MAD COW Tests See the organic consumers link. *2

4 The USDA's US Forest Service Would More Correctly Be Called The USDA Deforest Service.

US Forest Service through the criminal policy of controlled burns
has set millions of acres on fire, burning people, animals, trees, buildings. Controlled burns are often uncontrolled by factors such as wind change. The USDA has allowed the timber industry for further deforestation. Like many other US federal agencies it is a factor in the violent weather around the country through removal of weather stabilizing trees.

5 USDA Subsidizes Animal Slaughter, Human Disease And Obesity, Higher Medical Costs, Energy Waste And Environmental Destruction Through Food Stamps.

As more insurance companies give discounts to vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians because of greater life spans and less incidence of cancers, heart disease, strokes, aneurisms, embolisms, kidney failure, Alzheimer's, arthristis, food poisoning etc., the Usda continues to subsidize the meat, fish egg and dairy industries through food stamps. We need food stamps but they should be for the purchase only of frutis and vegetables.

Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews whose religions oppose some or all animal consumption are being taxed to provide the flesh of murdered innocent animals to the world's most obese population.

6 Animal Torturing Semantics

The USDA Meat Animal Research Center defines cows, sheep and pigs as meat animals. Perhaps Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the USDA, would be defined as a meat animal by cannibals. The USDA has since its inception objectified living animals. Vilsack was governor of Iowa and did nothing to stop horrific torture of animals there. *9

7. Fifty Five Square Miles OF Animal Torture In Nebraska

The USDA continues to torture animals at the Usda Meat Animal Research Center. A cow was left in a ring with 6 bulls and died within 24 hours. Lambs abandoned by their mothers have been left alone in fields. *3 See petitions below on thepetitionsite dot com

8 USDA Revolving Door Between Animal Flesh Industry And Federal Agencies *4 rense dot com

9 THE USDA Plum Island Research Center: Bioterror And Disease Creation

Just as Blackwater changed its name to XE and Clear Channel to Iheart Radio after the notorious nature of their operations, so the USDA shut down its disease creation and bioterror center at Plum Island in NY and at great expense moved elsewhere. Lyme Disease was created there. *5 Wikipedia

10 Geese Buried Alive
Until members of Goosewatch NY organized against the USDA, the agency was capturing geese on the Long Island Sound and elsewhere and taking them to landfills to be buried alive. Now they are taken directly to a slaughterhouse.

11 THE USDA School Lunch Program Has Been A Dumping Ground For Toxic Meat Fish Eggs And Dairy. *7 notmilk dot com

12 THE USDA's Criminal Neglect.. Disregarding Its Mandate to end what is termed 'unnecessary' cruelty to animals. *8 peta dot org, saen online

13 THE USDA WIC Program (Women Infants Children) Is Also A Dumping Ground For Wisconsin, Minnesota and other eggs and dairy products.

Cows' milk is designed to make a baby calf into a 1000 pound animal within a year's time. It is a major cause of the US status as the most obese nation in the world per capita. Women who ingest the carcinogenic female hormones injected by force into cows, sheep, pigs, and birds so that they will gain water weight before slaughter have a much higher rate of ovarian, breast, uterine, cervical cancers. Men have much higher rates than in Europe. The European Union banned American meat and dairy because of such hormones and was overruled by a corrupt UN court. *10 PCRM dot org

14 THE USDA's Nearly 1 Trillion Dollar Farm Bill includes mass subsidies to huge agribusiness corporations and individual millionaires *11

15 USDA Operatives Have Infiltrated Coops, Vegan, Vegetarian And Animal Rights Groups
As one of countless examples, at Stone Soup in DC, USDA operatives stole petty cash, insulted customers, used polarization and division techniques in which they were trained to spread infighting

16 Farmers Ordered BY USDA To Destroy 30 Million Pounds Of Cherries. This is one of countless instances in which the USDA ordered the destruction of food.
While the agency is seldom involved in meat, fish or dairy recalls, it often orders the destruction of fruits and vegetables.97% of all food poisoning fatalities occur with cadaver food (pieces of dead animals, birds or fishes) or stolen animal products (eggs and milk) . Yet the corporate media are quick to amplify the 3% of food poisoning cases related to fruits and vegetables. *12 offthegridnews dot com

17 The USDA has for Decades Been An Agent Of Chemical, Pharmaceutical And Insecticide Manufacturers In Fighting The Organic Food Movement *13 mercola dot com

18 Taxpayers Charged For Active Promotion Of Animal, Fish And Dairy Products Overseas And At Home
Through the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, toxic products involving animal agony, human disease, and environmental destruction are heavily promoted by the USDA and in other programs by the Commerce Dept. *14 See AMS USDA dot gov link

19 Taxpayers Are Charged For USDA and Commerce Dept. Promotions OF Mcdonald's, KFC etc. through the USDA's AMS agency. *15 motherjones dot com

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