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Poems About: FOG

In this page, poems on / about “fog” are listed.

  • 49.

    When the fog sets in
    And the world becomes alien
    To my desires,
    I look for you, read more »

    Lorin Addy Garringer
  • 50.
    Castle In The Clouds

    in the fog
    in the fog
    what do i see
    i see the tree lines read more »

    Lilly Emerson Brayfield
  • 51.
    Stone Fog

    Stone Fog

    i think read more »

    Alex Nodopaka
  • 52.
    Killer Fog

    Yellow, green and black
    Seeping through the streets
    Poisoning any available air
    Gloom is revealed with evil at aim read more »

    Aidan Wolfe
  • 53.
    New Town

    In the fog
    a black dog
    on the white,
    frosty grass read more »

    Donatien Moisdon
  • 54.
    Some More Winter Haiku

    fog in the valley~
    trees and mountains recede
    then vanish
    ... ... read more »

    Sunil Uniyal
  • 55.
    Leaving The Fog of Discontent

    Leaving The Fog of Discontent
    I am leaving the negative demise
    I will not be a victim of one's ridicule or trophy
    I will not be a subject or an object's fool read more »

    Tina Chan
  • 56.

    It is very foggy out there,
    Like life nothing is clear,
    Park's lights are far away,
    Looking pale and distant, read more »

    Qaisar Janjua
  • 57.
    the window

    She looks out the cold window her breath
    Fogs the cold frozen window
    She looks out in to the dark cold outside
    For a light to brighten the sky read more »

    Rachelle Toscannini
  • 58.

    The fog rolled in
    while the night was young.
    There your eyes to me
    spoke in words silently. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 59.

    As I walk along the coastal road, to the neighbouring bay,
    A curtain of thick fog suddenly comes swirling my way.
    Through the dense haze, I can spot the odd car headlight,
    But everything else is now completely hidden from sight. read more »

    Angela Wybrow
  • 60.
    Hemingway's Bizarre Dream: The Oldman And The Fog,1st.Episode longer, the fog..
    could see the man
    because, another fog..
    made of man.. read more »

    ahmed khaled
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