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  • 25.
    The Monster of Mr Cogito


    Lucky Saint George
    from his knight's saddle
    could exactly evaluate
    the strength and movements of the dragon

    the first principle of strategy
    is to assess the enemy accurately

    Mr Cogito
    is in a worse position
    he sits in the low
    saddle of a valley
    covered with thick fog

    through fog it is impossible to perceive
    fiery eyes
    greedy claws

    through fog
    one sees only
    the shimmering of nothingness

    the monster of Mr Cogito
    has no measurements
    it is difficult to describe
    escapes definition

    it is like an immense depression
    spread out over the country

    it can't be pierced
    with a pen

    with an argument
    or spear

    were it not for its suffocating weight
    and the death it sends down
    one would think
    it is the hallucination
    of a sick imagination
    but it exists
    for certain it exists

    like carbon monoxide it fills
    houses temples markets

    poisons wells
    destroys the structures of the mind
    covers bread with mould

    the proof of the existence of the monster
    is its victims

    it is not direct proof
    but sufficient


    reasonable people say
    we can live together
    with the monster

    we only have to avoid
    sudden movements
    sudden speech

    if there is a threat assume
    the form of a rock or a leaf

    listen to wise Nature
    recommending mimicry

    that we breathe shallowly
    pretend we aren't there

    Mr Cogito however
    does not want a life of make-believe
    he would like to fight
    with the monster
    on firm ground

    so he walks out at dawn
    into a sleepy suburb
    carefully equipped
    with a long sharp object

    he calls to the monster
    on the empty streets
    he offends the monster
    provokes the monster

    like a bold skirmisher
    of an army that doesn't exist

    he calls -
    come out contemptible coward

    through the fog
    one sees only
    the huge snout of nothingness

    Mr Cogito wants to enter
    the uneven battle
    it ought to happen
    possibly soon

    before there is
    a fall from inertia
    an ordinary death without glory
    suffocation from formlessness read more »

  • 26.
    *****2 haiku (fog & school)

    over the hill
    a river of fog
    flooding the valley read more »

  • 27.
    dolce far niente

    (sweet idleness)

    in the near zero visibility
    of a winter gaining its momentum read more »

  • 28.
    Controlling Anger before it Controls You

    When toxic and volatile emotions
    Are causing confusion and commotion,
    Feelings are hijacked, hot thoughts race,
    Mind gets enveloped in a rage. read more »

  • 29.

    The fog is an illusion—
    A master of disguise,
    Which hides the tangible
    Before our very eyes. read more »

  • 30.

    Home lies that way, somewhere, through the fog,
    Down a road I did not ask to be set upon
    And most of whose forks were chosen for me
    By others no less road-bound than I, read more »

  • 31.
    a boat-ride, surreal

    there, there...down there
    through a thicket of fog
    beckoned a vacant boat
    i fought through the fog read more »

  • 32.
    Baltic Fog Notes

    Seven days all fog, all mist, and the turbines pounding through high seas.
    I was a plaything, a rat’s neck in the teeth of a scuffling mastiff. read more »

  • 33.

    Mist and fog,
    came once again
    to see off dawn read more »

  • 34.
    Hemingway's Bizarre Dream: The Oldman And The Fog,1st.Episode longer, the fog..
    could see the man
    because, another fog..
    made of man.. read more »

  • 35.

    Water streaming, read more »

  • 36.
    Frog In The Log

    There once was a handsome green frog
    who resided inside an old log.
    He had cut two small vents
    in the log for defense read more »

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