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Poems About: FOG

In this page, poems on / about “fog” are listed.

  • 337.
    Take Me Here

    Where nothing has ever happened here, therefor there can't be history
    Where any sound other than your own respiration is but a mystery
    Where even the rocks themselves prove just to be distractions
    Where the nauseating haze clouds yesterdays actions read more »

    Amy Stuart
  • 338.

    I am surrounded by fog,
    can't see an inch in front of my face.
    I feel uncertain of this fog,
    it's not the kind you want to be around. read more »

    Nichole Herrin
  • 339.
    ~Through Their Fog~

    She could sense in his silence
    his pain was heavy with despair,
    He was hanging on the wind
    like frost that chills the air. read more »

    Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun
  • 340.
    A Kaleidoscopic Fog

    I walked through a kaleidoscopic fog early on a spring
    morning in 1996. The sun was just rising. The fog had
    set a stage and our star presented its golden light,
    with its rays continually in motion in the midst of the fog. read more »

    Nora Loch
  • 341.
    The Ghosts of the Sea

    The ghosts of the sunken ships remember the fog,
    Reminiscent of the danger of a wild, mad dog.

    Hidden it the darkness it came into the night, read more »

    Ron Dawson
  • 342.
    The Hyde 0f Dr Jekyll in a Foggy Day in London Town. Pt 1

    Big Ben rings,
    Ding Dong the bells do chime for John and Jane’s marriage
    Lovers in love travel to London town by golden carriage,
    Honeymoon shining above their hotel so cosy and sweet read more »

    Ken e Hall
  • 343.
    Who IS in the FOG

    Whenever Fog comes and roams about
    In her whitish bulk I feel some doubt.

    I feel some unheard footsteps read more »

    Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai
  • 344.
    Last Night Was a Struggle

    Last night a struggle fogged the shrinking land,
    The trees bowed from the sense of the way;
    You squint, I watch, as the rights of civilians
    Are discussed by the fogs and mists of the land. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 345.
    Dream of fog and mist (if you can)

    If you can…
    Dream of beaches

    Dream of fog read more »

    David Whalen
  • 346.
    A Delhi New Year Day

    Sun bereft sky.
    Capriconian fogs.
    Thick fogs. read more »

    Lekha Chakraborty
  • 347.
    Happy New Year

    The fog and mist over the ocean,
    the high tide does not care about,
    The ups and downs of the surf,
    sweeps anyone on its way. read more »

    Jay P Narain
  • 348.
    The Luscious Fog

    I had jumped over time itself to find you
    To the delicious tinkle of dice being rolled
    Your lips caressed me like a luscious wet fog
    As you draped words over me like a rich cloth read more »

    Kevin Patrick Brown
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