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The Flower - Poem by Einar Johan Wetaas

The Flower

Once i was a flower who saw you pass me. You looked so good and kind.
I tried to stretched myself up and look good when you pass me.
When you noticed me it was like the sun that fuelled my life.
It felt warm like the warmest summer and the leaves and flowers showed strong colors like when the first day it saw the light.

You picked me up and hold me in your hands. You carried me in your hair proudly.
You gave me water every day with your love. And i always tried to look the best for you, to make you proud.
I was happy that i could make you smile and be happy. And our love was like there was no tomorrow.
Everyday was a happy moment as you danced with me through the green fields.

Then one day you walked unknown places and many new things you saw. You found new flowers and they looked and smelled very much better than me. You started to give them water instead of me. And loved them more and more.
The flower who made you happy before was not exiting any more.
Until one day you just stepped this flower to the ground, because you had no more love to give. All was given to other flowers.
And the flower died a slow and painful death always remembering the time when it was loved and you hold it proudly in your hands.
Always remembering the last moment in life, the boot that stepped it to the ground, and then darkness.

The flower was gone and nothing more than a memory. But one day it hope that you will remember time when it made you happy.
One day you would remember what life is about. One day all the other flowers will fade away and not remember you.
Then you would remember the one flower who always made you happy and who loved you to the end of his time.

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