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Poems About: FLOWER

In this page, poems on / about “flower” are listed.
  • 1.
    Little Purple Flower

    I am a little purple flower
    My petals so extremely small
    I 've stood in the grass for many an hour
    Enjoying a breeze most of all read more »

    Aufie Zophy
  • 2.
    A flower to kiss

    Aflower to kiss,
    the flower yet to be flowering
    So cute but not yet cluttering
    in the bowl, the flower is the sent read more »

    Paul Mwenelupembe
  • 3.

    flowers are red
    flowers are pink
    flowers are blue
    flowers are green read more »

    sharon ann shiju
  • 4.
    A little flower

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a sweet scented flower with bright red petals,
    A flower nurtured with heart and plucked with care. read more »

    Macwolls Kay
  • 5.
    Dandelion (Cinquain)

    blossoming in the hill.
    Each one is lost in the millions. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 6.
    Little flower

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a little sweet scented flower
    a little flower with bright red petals
    a little flower nurtured with heart read more »

    Macwolls Kay
  • 7.
    A Beautiful Flower Blooming

    A withered flower blooming again
    breeze shook the flower
    the sun is shining on flower
    rain water to wash the dust-filled flower read more »

    meti Rahmawati
  • 8.
    A Flower Is A Flower!

    Flowers are symbol of love to mankind!
    Flowers perpetuate love in the world!
    Flowers are lovely indeed forever!
    Flowers are unique in the world! read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 9.
    Little Flower...

    Little flower, little flower
    Fragile, delicate rose
    Little flower, stands so tall
    Do you not ever fear to fall? read more »

    Afrodita Alkline
  • 10.

    flower - flower love

    flower - flower love
    I come with flower and love read more »

    juahta sitepu
  • 11.

    Flowers! Flowers! Lovely flowers
    Giving beauty to our nature
    Flowers! Flowers! Blooming flowers
    Spreading pretty colours all over the world read more »

    kalyani gopakumar
  • 12.
    the beautiful flower

    there was once a beautiful flower sitting in the meadow
    while I got out of my bed to my window
    the field was very beautiful and grassy
    the beautiful flower was feeling sassy read more »

    chella Death
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