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'Got To Kill That Thing! ' - Poem by tesla blackburn

I looked at the man.
crushing his pepsi can.

I smiled and said, 'Hello.'
He said, 'Hello.'
I asked, 'How are you? '
He said, 'Fine. How are you? '
I said, 'Lonely. I want someone to go fishing.'
He skeptically asked, 'Fishing? '
I said, 'I'm the only one going tomorrow.'
He said, 'What such sorrow! '
I asked, 'Would you please come along? '
He said, 'Yes. For how long? '
I said, 'Only two hours.'
He asked, 'At the lake with the big water towers? '
I said, 'Yes. Meet me at eight o'clock.'
He asked, 'Is it a boat to dock? '
I said, 'No. I got all of the equipment.'
He said, 'I will dress decent.'
I said, 'Bye.'
He sighed and said, 'Bye.'

I laughed wickedly.
So very sickely.

We met.
and fishing was set.
I said, 'I got to go use the bathroom.'
He said, 'Okay. We might have to go. The clouds are gloom.'
I ran into the woods.
adreanaline in my veins flood.
i found my backpack.
nothing i lack.
i took out my bat.
gave the tree a light pat.
than put on new big boots.
i hope nobody shoots.
than the dark clothing.
'got to kill that thing.'
i heard the sharp voice say.
i have to obey.
i put on the gloves.
kick gravel like little shoves.
put on hairnet.
action is set.

jetted to the fishing place.
anger fogged in my glaze.
i became momentarly deaf.
examine my left.
than my right.
hatred pure in my sight.
not a thing around.
hopefully no one hears a sound.
i beat him with the bat.
as he sat.
i ducktape his arms and legs.
heard his hateful begs.
decktape his mouth.
dragged him south.
tied my back pack to his body.
checked for any body.
i saw his tear.
pushed him in the lake.
I'm craving for some chocolate cake. mmm.

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